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Mar 5, 2010 03:37 AM

Something cool and fun for a party of 8 . . .

Looking for a restaurant for my family including two out of towners.
We want to go somewhere we haven't been before but we want it to be cool and fun and impressive to our out of town guests.

We enjoy Mario Batali's Otto and would love to do something like that.
thought about Momofuo Ssam . . but I don't know much about that place. Any thoughts?
Also, definitely no tapas places. The guys for some reason have it in their heads they will be hungry when they leave.

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  1. the guys are right about tapas. i'd check out Spice Market. the board may be against me here, but the space is gorgeous, the food is different but approachable, and it's all around an impressive place. the website doesn't do it justice.