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Mar 5, 2010 12:30 AM

Best Eats around Westin Long Beach

Any recs for the best eating options around Westin Long Beach? Type of cuisine or price range is not an issue.

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  1. Michael's on Naples is about 10 minutes down Ocean, it's fantastic, Italian faire reasonably priced. Also on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore there are a lot of places, for a more casual meal Sunnin has fantastic falafal, or something casual with a big beer selection is the Yard House they have a couple sandwiches that are good!

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    1. re: loreeLB

      Thanks a lot! Will definitely try out those places & report back.

      1. re: loreeLB

        Thanks for the rec on Michael's on Naples. We dined there tonight and it was certainly the best restaurant we've tried in the Long Beach area so far. Everything was perfect: the setting/atmosphere, the marvellous service (and the very genial owner, Michael Dene, who made us feel right at home) and the wonderful food, including the best pasta I'd had in ages!

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          Michael's On Naples Ristorante
          5620 2nd Street, Naples Island, CA 90803

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            Fantastic! Absolutly my favorite restaurant in LB! Very glad you enjoyed it!

            1. re: loreeLB

              By far the best restaurant in Long Beach. Took us a while to find it tho, as the restaurant signboard wasn't too visible from the street & Naples Island wasn't very prominently placemarked. Michael Dene also talked about it recently:

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            Finally got round to the Yard House last nite. We ordered:

            - Lobster, crab & artichoke dip, served with nachos & grilled pita bread;
            - Onion ring tower;
            - Buffalo wings.
            The dip was not as good as we'd expected from the menu description, couldn't taste the lobster or crab at all. Onion ring tower's average. Love the buffalo wings - nicely crisped & spicy!

            - Miso-glazed seabass, served ovr rice, bok choy, carrots & edamame. This is a standout. Very tasty. It's not Nobu, but neither were the prices. Highly recommended;
            - Spicy jambalaya, tasted quite okay but was chockful of andouile sausages, shrimp & chicken. Delicious when served with brown rice;
            - Vodka shrimp pasta. Nice.

            It's a chain restaurant, and we pretty knew what to expect. All in all, perhaps the best choice at the Shoreline Village if you want a group night out, or somewhere to down a few beers & have some decent food to go along with it.

            Yard House
            401 Shoreline Village Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802

            1. re: klyeoh

              The ahi appetizer is pretty much the only thing I eat at Yardhouse, but there certainly are lots of beverage options.

          3. I'll second Michaels on Naples but if you want to skip the drive, the Westin is right around the corner from one of the best steak houses in so Cal, 555 East. It is a two-minute walk. The hotel is also a few minutes from Pine Avenue where you can check out L'Opera, Madison or Alegria which are within 30 seconds of each other. These three restaurants are as good if not better than what you may find on Second Street (although Second St. is more interesting place to eat and stroll).

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            1. re: Ringo Gato

              Will definitely check out all 3 restaurants: L'Opera, Madison & Alegria, and report back before I leave.

              1. re: Ringo Gato

                L'Opera was very nice, thanks Ringo Gato!
                Dined there tonite, I had:
                - Zuppa di Ceci, a pureed soup of garbanzo beans & Orzo, served with a pesto sauce, a sprinkling of parmesan, and accompanied by a surprisingly light & crisp rock shrimp & smoked chile beignet. What a ravishing soup - just simply loved the whole concoction;
                - Ravioli al Tartufo, the raviolis were stuffed with black truffles & wild mushrooms & Robiola cheese, finished off with a brown butter sage sauce. The wild mushroom flavor sort of overwhelmed the truffle scent. Sauce was a bit salty and the dish overall was overly robust & too assertive for my taste - but may please some diners;
                - Tiramisu dessert was an absolute delight!!

                Overall, a very nice restaurant, friendly efficient service. Very conveniently located downtown. Food/ambience is nowhere near Michael's on Naples, but that's another story.

                101 Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

                1. re: klyeoh

                  I am glad you liked L'Opera, it has been one of our favorites for years but when I asked my wife and son where we should go for dinner tomorrow night, they chose Michael's over several choices. I have to agree. It is in a class by itself as far as Long Beach restaurants go at this point..

                2. re: Ringo Gato

                  I tried 555 East but was pretty much underwhelmed by the place - both the food & atmosphere. Shan't write more about that here, as I prefer to write about more positive experiences.

                  That said, I was very impressed indeed by Madison - 10 out of 10 for ambience & service! The food's pretty decent, though I figured it may not exactly qualify for inclusion into Michelin nor Zagat (such is the dearth of real foodie destinations in downtown Long Beach!).

                  Our appetisers last nite:
                  - Blue cheese salad - fantastic!
                  - Shrimp cocktail - very fresh, crisp prawns.
                  - Crab cakes. Don't order this - pretty heavy/stodgy, with too much flour/potatoes added into the mix. In fact, worst crab cake I'd had in living memory.

                  - Beef Wellington was marvellously done. It was even better than the one I last had in Wiltons, London;
                  - Maple Leaf duck breast & confit - the breast part was done well, but the confit was a let-down: overly dry - obviously overcooked;
                  - English Channel Dover sole - deboned table-side, it was fresh & absolutely divine.

                  By far, the best restaurant I'd tried along Pine Ave so far.

                  1. re: klyeoh

                    Placemark & some photos:

                    102 Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

                    1. re: klyeoh

                      One thing to note: you'll need to order sides at Madison, since the entrees all didn't come with even a sprig of parsley or what-have-you. As the sides are priced at around $8 on average, your bill can really add up!

                  2. re: Ringo Gato

                    In Alegria Cocina Latina, I think I'd finally found my favorite restaurant in the whole of downtown Long Beach. The food was absolutely, and I'm not sure if this word adequately describes it - DIVINE!!

                    - Ropa Vieja, Alegria's version was actually crispy mini-tortillas topped with braised, shredded beef, sprinkled with feta cheese & sauteed spinach. It was antojitos made in heaven;
                    - Humitas Chilenas, a delicious sweetcorn tamale souffle, topped with diced shrimp in Cayenne cream sauce & chopped chives. The dish was so colorful, you don't know if you should eat it or photograph it. It's as delicious as it is beautiful to look at. This was simply the best dish I'd tasted in the past three weeks in Long Beach;
                    - Pollo con Mole, Alegria's version was a bit on the sweet side, not spicy at all, but totally addictive.

                    What you get at Alegria is not authentic Mexican or Latin American, but a light & very delicious Californian version which, for me, simply hit the spot! I am so going back for more.

                    P.S. - And the service was warm, friendly and very competent.

                    Alegria Cocina Latina Restaurant
                    115 Pine Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

                  3. Another good dining choice - Sir Winston's at the Queen Mary (10 minutes from Westin). Write-up & photos here:

                    Sir Winston's
                    1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, CA 90802

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                      Have you tried Frenchy's Bistro yet, Klyeoh? They're expensive but they participate in You would need a car to get there from downtown LB, though.

                      Another pleasant place (nothing too fancy about the food) is the restaurant at the LB Museum of Art, called Claire's at the Museum. Easy to reach from downtown either walk or take the Passport. I like the weekend brunch with $5 Bloody Marys.

                      Frenchy's Bistro
                      4137 East Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA 90804

                      1. re: mlgb

                        No, not yet - but thanks for the heads-up :-)

                    2. klyeoh,

                      Thanks for posting your results on dining in Long Beach. And for finding good to decent places around Downtown. I'm sorry I missed this post earlier. Your reviews are always welcome here.