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Mar 4, 2010 09:17 PM

R2L anybody been there for dinner

I went a couple nights ago for drinks and this place is amazing. My friend said it was like a modern NYC restaurant in a Philadelphia location. I didn't get a chance to try the food. But the ambience was amazing you are on the 37th floor of 1 liberty place in center city. The view is breathtaking and you have a west ward view of the city. I left around 10 pm on a Wednesday night and the bar and lounge area was very crowded. Lots of beautiful people and you do have to be dressed nice. Luckily I was dressed for the occasion.

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  1. I tried it last week, the view and ambiance are amazing, it's true. What amazed me even more is that most of the tables have a decent view of the windows, the space feels very open to the view outside. Definitely one of the best restaurants in the city for atmosphere (except for the wait at the elevator when you enter). The food I had had its ups and downs, the rabbit filling in the rabbit nachos was good but the accoutrements were distributed unevenly among the nachos, and their construction made them kind of hard to eat. I had the veal entree, it was interesting in that there were at least 4 distinct veal preparations on the plate: meatloaf, sweetbreads, tenderloin, and (I'm pretty sure) trotter. The tenderloin (the first thing listed in the menu description) wasn't all that interesting, but I really liked the meatloaf.

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      Thanks for your dining experience, a couple of my friends ordered food, everything was done very micro. Mini sliders, nachos, bar food, I asked them if it was good. They said the flavor was okay. Nothing to write home about. Your right the ambiance is amazing and I guess this will have to be another restaurant/ lounge with an amazing view. I asked our cocktail server how long they have been open. 2 months so far, once the weather gets better this place will definitely take off.

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      1. I took my wife there and we did not enjoy it. It does indeed have beautiful views of the city. The aesthetic was very classy, I especially liked the background music, which was not too loud, just the way I like it.

        Unfortunately, the food and service were poor. The service was not poor because anyone misbehaved or did not try hard, just the opposite, everyone was well-meaning. But the timing to take our orders was all wrong, we waited long enough that it was an issue and the restaurant had very few covers, and virtually no one who was eating a full dinner like we were (most seemed to be having cocktails). We got labelled "difficult diners" early on because I ordered a gin fizz and my server, twice, brought me something else. I asked for my gin fizz and our server was "re-assigned" and we got the "extra attention" treatment, which actually made us feel terrible because it was so unnecessary.

        Finally and most importantly, the food was lousy and the menu seemed limited. Everything was too salty (both my wife and I had seafood) and while presentation was fine, nothing tasted particularly good. My tuna was notably disappointing.

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          Too bad Starr doesn't own it, at least the service and drinks would be good. I hope Stern doesn't run a place with such potential into the ground.

          Who keep financing this joker? Gayle was good; he needs to get back into the kitchen and let real restaurateurs handle the business side.

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            wow not a good food experience, that's terrrible, I had a similiar experience with a cocktail request for my friend. I won't mention the cocktail but it took 3 request to finally get the drink they served. Like I said not a place to dine, but a place to be seen and the view is breath taking.