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Mar 4, 2010 08:32 PM

Room temp chicken suggestions

I'm hosting a meeting that will include dinner. I don't want to have to babysit anything in/on the stove while meeting is happening, so I'd love to serve chicken made earlier in the day. One option is chicken marbella--any other suggestions?


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  1. does it have to be chicken? you could make veggie lasagna, baked ziti or stuffed shells - they all reheat well...though i'd make sure no one attending the meeting is gluten-intolerant or celiac.

    a frittata or quiche can be served at room temp.

    1. If you're stuck on chicken, good old fried chicken is fine served at room temp, if you're having other sides. An Asian chicken salad is very nice, can be layered, and won't need any heat at all. Actually, almost any chicken dish is ok served at room temp, as long as there's no cream sauces to thicken up; cacciatore, Portofino (see link below,) chicken lasagna with veggies, etc.
      This link has other recipes for a group, with many chicken options. Some of the recipes are of the church-supper crowd era, but there might be something that catches your eye.

      1. Chicken escabeche? It's intended to be served at room temperature.

        Anything grilled is good at room temperature.

        Any chicken recipe that people recommend serving at picnics is, by definition, going to come out well at room temp.

        Alternately, you can make something in a crock pot earlier in the day, and let it cook before and during the meeting.