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Mar 4, 2010 07:50 PM

Bouloud, or Kings Carriage House>

For a highquallity, quiet meal -- which?

On Menupages, the menu for Bouloud confuses me; the menu for Kings Carriage House seems limited (no a la carte?)

Any recommendations?

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  1. Are you talking about Cafe Boulud vs Kings Carriage House?

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    1. re: gutsofsteel

      hasn't Daniel Bouloud have about 4 places? I ate at the UES one North of the Whitney quite a while back and it was very nice and quiet (Carol Burnett was at a nearby table!)

      it was during a blizzard so we had added entertainment.

      1. re: hill food

        Cafe Boulud (note spelling) is on 76th St. It was redone fairly recently and is still as lovely as ever, with topnotch service, excellent food, and a very good wine list (and sommelier).

        Kings Carriage House is a mediocre neighborhood restaurant.

        1. re: gutsofsteel

          that was it. couldn't remember which street. service and food were both excellent. I do remember that.

    2. Not even in the same league. Not one bit. Daniel Boulud is one of the most lauded chefs in the world. King's Carriage House is decrepit, old and below-average. Does that help?

      1. We have not been to King's Carriage House, but as has been pointed out, it is not in any way, shape, or form in the same league as Café Boulud. As gutsofsteel said, Café Boulud's dining room decor was recently refreshed, and they have now added a very attractive and comfortable bar room down the hall, Bar Pleiades.

        Since you have been there before, you might recall that Café Boulud offers 4 different a la carte menus. They are provided on the restaurant's website, and you can scroll through them. (Far better than using MenuPages where menus are too often *not* up-to-date.)

        Link to C.B.'s menus:

        Here's a link to photos of the delicious meal we had at Café Boulud in November:
        (Note: Danial Boulud was there having a business lunch.)