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Mar 4, 2010 07:45 PM

Software/Website for trying out different color combinations for kitchen remodeling ?

We would like to do kitchen remodeling (new stainless-steel appliances, granite counter-tops and new backsplash). Appliances will be stainless-steel, but we are still not sure what color to pick for granite (definitely some shade of gray or black) and backsplash. Is there an easy way to just see what different settings will look like? I found some simple images on, but they were very limited. Should we be using Google Sketchup / Autocad? It would be nice if you could just upload a photo of the kitchen and software can detect boundries and help you easily replace colors (we tried doing this in Photoshop and it looked ugly and lot of work, but again, we are not very good at Photoshop). Thanks in advance!

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  1. hmm...nobody. so how do people figure out what combos work and try variations? look at books, take samples from stores?

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      Those big fat "kitchen and bath" books they sell at Home Depot and the like can be helpful. Also those TV shows on HGTV (Spice up my Kitchen, or Bang for the Buck) can give you ideas of what you like. I think those will probably work better than software, since I think it's hard for software to really capture "the look". I've seen images online of, for example, the slate we chose for our bathroom floor, and only the real photos of kitchens and baths captured it; I saw "mockups" with simulated stone which didn't do the job.

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        thanks! ya, we have been looking at many books...will continue to do so.