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Mar 4, 2010 05:39 PM

Grand Sichuan House Temporarily Closed

We were one of the last customers at Grand Sichuan House this evening when the DOH closed it down. When we got there there was someone in an official type jacket sitting at a laptop at one of the tables. Apparently he was from the Dept. of Health. When he left he put a CLOSED notice on the door and in the window, so I guess they won't be serving for a while.

As to the food, we've never been fans of GSH, but given all the CH love, we decided to try it again and choose some of the highly recommended dishes. We had the Cheng Dou dumplings which were very good (but were so slippery that we had to use forks to eat them and even then, they were almost impossible to cut with the side of the fork). The CH recommended pea shoots with garlic was superb. And the cumin lamb was very tasty, but it was strangely served on a huge bed of sautéed onions. (Once in the old, very inexpensive, Mina's all our dishes came with a huge amount of sliced onions; very surprising until we noticed while we were eating that they had a delivery of 2-50 lb bags of onions. Perhaps GSH had just bought a lot of onions as well). Anyway, we now know what everyone was raving about and hope to return to GSH after they reopen. (That's not to say we will stop going to the Bamboo Pavilion where have always had very good meals).

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