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Mar 4, 2010 05:27 PM


Stopped in here this evening, and glad we did--by far the best Gelato I've had in the NY Metro area--if you like Villabate in Brooklyn, then you will love this place even more...creative wonderful flavors--I think we tried almost everything, and got some to go--standouts--rainbow cookie, cinnamon (orgasmic), popcorn--a new flavor they had just brought out, Cupcake, Watermelon, biscotti, baci, vanilla chip, green apple....we didn't try too many chocolate ones--but they had lots of variations..also, they have gorgeous gelato cakes, and I'm definitely getting one for my son's birthday--super nice owner, and lovely young lady helped us--the decor is charming, and comfortable, and the place is spotless clean---prices are worth it for the quality----this place is a winner...they are having an Oscar party on Sunday---definitely worth a detour from anywhere in queens--we'll be back soon!!

Also, hadn't been myself to the Greek Emporium couple doors down, but my husband had been going last couple of months, from a recommendation here--and I finally got to go tonight--will post my review in another post--but hurray 150th Street!

La Dolce Via
12-58 150th St, Queens, NY 11357

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  1. Agreed, I like this place a lot. There was a mention of it a few months ago here:

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      thanks for the link--I remembered hearing about it, and forgot about it..--thought it was in the Whitestone questions I had posted from awhile back--didn't know they had crepes---will have to check that out next time..just looked through menu on website and they have lots of coffees and gelato shakes as well...the other pastry stuff looked nice too, but a bit pricey...

    2. Thanks for t his, Janie. Here's the big question, though: Do they do the gelato sandwich with brioche bread, a la Villabate?

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        I haven't had them yet but my friend said the brioche are good here. They have a picture on the gelato menu. They also have gelato with pizzele. It's really good, I order it all the time.

        btw I tried the popcorn flavor gelato, and to my surprise it was spectacularly amazing. They're having an oscar party on sunday and I think that might be fun especially with the delicious popcorn gelato.

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          yes, they do have the brioche sandwich--was there tonight...check out this flavor--lucky bite and I was back in 3rd was's like aromatherapy except it's tastytherapy! Get your little one the rainbow cookie gelato with the rainbow cookie on top (ask them if they just put the wafers)---got some coconut and strawberry to take home...this place is such a gem..and super nice people and atmosphere....hope you've gone--also, check out that Cherry Deli spot on the corner--line out the door waiting for sandwiches..their sandwich menu is 2 pages long---and inexpensive--place is intense----and definitely go to the Greek Emporium 2 doors down from Dolce Via--fantastic selection of greek feta and olives and many hard to find items--also, super nice place with great people---headed back on Francis Lewis and hit Graziella for amazing Grandma slice--man, I love Queens.

          33-25 Francis Lewis Blvd, Queens, NY 11358

          Cherry Valley Deli and Grill
          12-29 150th St, Queens, NY 11357

          Greek Food Emporium
          12-52 150th St, Queens, NY 11357

          1. re: janie

            I've been. Took the wife and kid. It's a nice, clean joint. The owner was very gracious, friendly, classy guy. I wasn't all that crazy about the gelato, to be honest. The popcorn was okay - the flavor actually reminded me of fiddle faddles - but nothing thrilling. I can't agree it's in a league with Villabate. The flavors, especially the Nociala, did not not have the rounded fullness of flavor that Villabate's has. I was also not all that impressed with some of the novelty stuff, like a Guiness flavor. At it's best, how good can gelato be if it tastes just like a Guinness? We like the area, so we'll be back, and I'll be glad to give them another try. And, yes, the Greek grocer up the block is great. I prefer Tony's Beechhurst, a quick drive away, to Cherry Deli, though.

            Tony's Beechhurst Deli
            11-18 154th St, Queens, NY 11357

        2. My Italian friend said that there will never be gelato in the U.S. because gelato needs to be made with unpasteurized milk. With pasturized milk it's just not gelato. Do any of these places make authentic gelato?(which I guess would be illegal?)

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            Not sure where your friend got his info from, but the gelateria's all over Italy use pasteurized milk and eggs, or premake a custard from the eggs that kills listeria or it and you'll see that I am correct..besides the fact that when I was pregnant, I was very up on safe ice cream all over the place..--

          2. update--was on 150th st today, went to Greek Emporium, and noticed Gelato place is out of business..and also saw the gates down at the little cupcake shop down the block..not sure of their status--but the gelato place is closed down...too bad, really liked that little spot.

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              They did not closed down, they are reopening at the end of April. Talked to the owner and there are a few things that will be added on like crepes, waffles and other things. It was only closed for the winter and it is coming back by the end of this month. It will be a great place to go for desserts.

              1. re: confections

                Oh, that's great to know...thanks....they should really post something on their window--

                1. re: janie

                  I'll have to try this place when they reopen.