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Marliave Gets My Nod...

I regularly meet my wife for drinks and a meal in DTX. We usually end up at Silvertone. I love Silvertone and will continue to go there, but tonight we stopped by Marliave and it delivered.

My burger was cooked medium-rare, as ordered, with a nice brioche bun. Rosemary fries were tasty. DC had the ravioli which she enjoyed. My three Ward Eight's (Lowmasney's -sp?) were on par w/ES, Deep Ellum, & Green St (the ultimate standards for me).

The downstairs room was mostly full and the upstairs seemed to be getting good business. Overall, a good evening.

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  1. They've had growing pains, and a number of people seem to genuinely dislike the place, but I have never had a poor experience at Marliave.

    1. my husband works near dtx and we go to Marliave for dinner often. The food is excellent. They have a delicious onion soup with beef short ribs in it that is silky smooth, intensely flavored and not overly salty. I get it every time I go.

      Also, if you are in the mood for a top notch steak, their steakhouse menu is great. I've always thoroughly enjoyed my meals there.

      1. I've definitely had better experiences at Marliave than most here, I think. I tend to stick to the simple, hearty stuff: meatball sliders, rarebit, scrambled eggs (awesome), gnocchi with a really good red sauce. Their prices have come way down from that over-ambitious start: there are only a couple of entrees left anywhere near $30 (and I really like one of them, the rabbit).

        Bartending has been a sore point, a mix of really good and really inept people, but they'd brought in some good new talent last time I was in. The wine list needs to be scaled down to the food some more, too: they amassed a trophy-bottle list that doesn't make sense with the current menu at all, especially the reds. Still, I'm a fan, and overdue for another visit.


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          I opened this thread specifically to ask if the bartending had become more consistent. The last time I looked into this it seemed to depend completely on who was working as to whether or not you could get a decent drink.

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            Chef Scott told me they are rolling out a new wine menu this month, greatly expanding the selection at both the low and mid range.

            Overall, I love Marliave. A favorite of mine.

          2. Really encouraging that the bartender staff now knows how to make a Ward Eight. I went there a year ago or so, and they had no idea what I was talking about. And I *think* the restaurant sits in the 8th Ward!

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              I have had a Ward Eight there a few times now. Maybe your request motivated them to learn!

            2. I also ended up at Marliave recently because Silvertone was too packed. The portobello sandwich was excellent, on the same brioche bun mentioned above. We also had the rarebit app which I would recommend.

              1. I go here often. My biggest complaint is the inconsistent bartending, from the solid to the ridiculous, but even with the poor ones, if you stick to the menu, you won't be disappointed - well not too much. That being said, it is my go-to place in DTX because both the food (which does tend towards the heavy) and the drinks really are pretty solid. It won't blow you away, but you won't regret your choice, either, especially considering the other area choices. Silvertone gets way too crowded, so I often skip it.

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                  I stuck to the menu the one and only time I went there, and I considered it a waste of $12 and my time. The ineptitude was akin to a home bartender in the learning phase. I left after one drink (considered not even finishing it) and went over to No. 9 Park to save the night.

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                    Ugh, I'm sorry to hear that. On the bright side, No.9 is close by and I've never had a bad drink there : )

                2. I went there recently and was nicely impressed. Tasteful restaurant, classy without being at all intimidating, friendly and casual but professional waitstaff, and well-cooked food. The steak frites were excellent (gorgonzola butter on the steak -- great!), the Beef Wellington was nicely done, and the butterscotch pudding was decadent. Drinks were fine, though not exactly as described, oddly. I'll definitely return.