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Mar 4, 2010 04:23 PM

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises

We're going to be in Sydney from the 19th-26th, and are wondering if there's a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour that is worth doing. Has anyone done this recently and could recommend a company to go with?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would advise against it. Whilst it has been some years since I went on one (corporate event) I don't believe they have changed much and the same companies do them, the three main ones are: Captain Cook, Majistic Cruises and Sydney Showboats. The cruises last about 2.5 hours, the food is average mass catering and the wine choices pretty poor (I think it is inclusive).

    A better option to find a restaurant with a view and eat better food in more comfortable surroundings, and do something like a Coffee Cruise during the day to explore the harbour, these are better value and you see more because you are not inside. A good bet for a restaurant could be Aqua Dining or one of their other venues (, they are good mid-priced places that deliver great food. Of course you can spend a lot more at "Aria" or "Quay" but these are two of the top places.

    If you really want to eat on the water try one of the old tall ships, I feel these are less commercial than the big operators, here is one, I think there is another but can't find it.

    If you want the most historical one this could be the best, but it isn't regular, and is more about the boats than the food.

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      We'll be trying the tall ship cruise you linked there. Will let you all know about the experience. Really REALLY looking forward to the trip.


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        Just an update, as we're home. The food was just OK. The cruise itself, however, was a lot of fun; much more enjoyable then one of Capt. Cook's probably would have been. Never made it to Aqua; didn't spend much time in the north shore other than an afternoon at Manly beach. We tried soup dumplings for the first time at Din Tai Fung....those were good. Mostly what I found about eating in Sydney was that it was EXPENSIVE. We had quite the fun time, though.