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Mar 4, 2010 04:23 PM

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruises

We're going to be in Sydney from the 19th-26th, and are wondering if there's a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour that is worth doing. Has anyone done this recently and could recommend a company to go with?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would advise against it. Whilst it has been some years since I went on one (corporate event) I don't believe they have changed much and the same companies do them, the three main ones are: Captain Cook, Majistic Cruises and Sydney Showboats. The cruises last about 2.5 hours, the food is average mass catering and the wine choices pretty poor (I think it is inclusive).

    A better option to find a restaurant with a view and eat better food in more comfortable surroundings, and do something like a Coffee Cruise during the day to explore the harbour, these are better value and you see more because you are not inside. A good bet for a restaurant could be Aqua Dining or one of their other venues (http://www.aquadining.com.au/#), they are good mid-priced places that deliver great food. Of course you can spend a lot more at "Aria" or "Quay" but these are two of the top places.

    If you really want to eat on the water try one of the old tall ships, I feel these are less commercial than the big operators, here is one http://www.sydneytallships.com.au/twi..., I think there is another but can't find it.

    If you want the most historical one this could be the best, but it isn't regular, http://www.shf.org.au/WhatsOn/WhatsOn... and is more about the boats than the food.

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      We'll be trying the tall ship cruise you linked there. Will let you all know about the experience. Really REALLY looking forward to the trip.


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        Just an update, as we're home. The food was just OK. The cruise itself, however, was a lot of fun; much more enjoyable then one of Capt. Cook's probably would have been. Never made it to Aqua; didn't spend much time in the north shore other than an afternoon at Manly beach. We tried soup dumplings for the first time at Din Tai Fung....those were good. Mostly what I found about eating in Sydney was that it was EXPENSIVE. We had quite the fun time, though.