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Mar 4, 2010 03:21 PM

Limoncello (Saratoga Springs)

I will be going to Limoncello for the first time.

Anyone been recently? Suggestions? Anything to avoid?

I'll report back. Thanks.

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  1. Looking forward to your report. Haven't been there in years. Last, and only time, was at their old location on Broadway.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          There was a raft of negative comments in various publications a year or so ago.

          1. re: gerchak198

            That plus my last experience is why I haven't been back.

                  1. re: financialdistrictresident

                    Very extreme reviews. Love it or bad news.
                    Interested to hear what you have to say.

          2. re: financialdistrictresident

            We went to Limoncello last weekend (me for the first time). We went with another couple who are regulars. All had been to Italy except for me. Antonio was our server. Service was excellent and you could even see the hostess helping out. There were at least 4 large groups of 8. Now on to the food.

            While we were selecting wine and deciding what to order, Antonio sent out a complimentary bruschetta.

            We had a calamari appetizer and one of our friends had the grilled polenta app. The calamari was very good. Cooked perfectly. Breading was a little heavy for my taste. But then again I'm addicted to Bloomers calamari . . .

            I had the ravioli special. The ravioli was stuffed with duck and it was served in a porcini sauce with a hint of cream and mushrooms. It might have had brandy in it? Very good. I wish I had some in front of me right now.

            SO had a fettucini dish with seafood and lemon. I had a taste. It was a little plain for my taste, he liked it. He finished the leftovers this week.

            Both dishes needed salt. Better than the other way around . . .Some of the posts I read about Limoncello had mentioned oversalting.

            One of our friends had a veal dish which neither of us tried.

            And I forgot what our other friend had.

            Desserts were not too exciting, IMHO. Though our friend said their lemon ? cake is amazing. We had the tiramisu and espresso. The tiramisu needed a little more espresso and rum for my taste. Otherwise, it was some of the best tiramisu I've ever had. The espresso was very good. They must have gotten a new machine or coffee because we heard from our friend the espresso wasn't so good before.

            I like the atmosphere at Limoncello's much better than Chianti's (to be fair I've only been once). Tables are farther apart and it's less loud. And they take reservations.

        2. FDR, it is 18 days later--did you ever eat at Limoncello?

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            gerchak198, thanks for the follow-up. We went last weekend.

          2. Went back again a few weeks ago while SO was away and I was dining solo (had hopes of eating outside, but patio was not open). Service was excellent. Love the space. Food was better my first time there. The lemon cake and espresso ended the meal on a positive note.

            1. SO and I have gone a number of times and have had VERY enjoyable meals. I strongly recommend the Limoncello cake for dessert. It is so good we even bought a full cake for my Mom's birthday last year. I wish they would have cut me a break on the whole cake instead of charging me the full amount for 8 slices - but it was still worth it!!!