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Mar 4, 2010 02:38 PM

Absinthe paraphernalia

Anyone know of a place in NYC where one can buy absinthe fountains spoons etc.? And is there a NY specific board I should post on? I couldnt find it.

There's lots of stuff to be found online but it would be nice to check the quality before buying.


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    1. re: sku

      That's obviously a very good resource, and I thank you, but they dont seem to have any fountains. I know, picky, picky ;-)

      1. re: gavspen

        You may want to call and ask. They may have fountains and just not list them on the website or something.

    2. i've had good results buying glasses and spoons on ebay. let me know if you want me to check which seller.

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      1. re: appycamper

        I've seen a lot of stuff online but I'm reticent to buy, say, a $200+ fountain without being able to look at it first. I want something nice, ya know what I mean? But by all means let me know whom you've had good luck with. Thanks.

        1. re: gavspen

          ebay sellers i've dealt with: for absinthe spoons "polishsoprano"
          for glasses "tipitinathedog"

      2. Not in NY, but I've bought from these people the $200 fountains and spoons and glasses, and they're super-excellent. I've finally gotten in their store in the last year, and they know what they're doing:


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          1. re: gavspen

            Lady Decorative Fountain, 4 Spout.. I love it. It is very sturdy and they ship well. It has a little art deco kinda ingraving on the bowl. It lives on display in the entryway to my house. I also have 4 spoons and 6 glasses (my husband didn't realize we already had 2 glasses) from them. I know it's pricey, but it is well made. I bought the same one for a friend for Christmas last year, and she loves it too!
            Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions about it!

            1. re: drdelicious

              Not so pricey I wouldnt say. Looks very nice. Thanks for the info.

              On display? Not for use? Well I suppose you have to be careful with that stuff or you'll wind up missing an ear!

              1. re: gavspen

                snort! that or the green fairy chases you around the house after bedtime.

                1. re: gavspen

                  Sorry.. it does work very well also!