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Mar 4, 2010 01:23 PM

Sweet Yummy House, Elmhurst

On my way to Chao Thai today and walked by this new place. It's at 83-12 Broadway. The menu reminds me of Thai Food House on College Pt Blvd, flushing (now "Ok Ryan" w/a different menu).
There's an assortment of Burmese Dishes (Burmese fish broth, Noodles: Burmese Coconut chicken broth, salads: Burmese noodle salad, Burmese ginger salad, Burmese tea leaves sald and some dishes from Yunnan. Yunnan, Yunnan rice noodle salad.They also have toasts/sandwiches and even fried banana and also kimchi!

Hmm, maybe too many cultures on 1 menu to be good but....the Thai food house had a great Yunnan cold pork salad so who knows.......

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  1. yeah, the "toasts" make me scratch my head. what is that?

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      Don't know about the Yunnan stuff, but it wouldn't be strange to see toasts or sandwiches on some menus in Burma, particularly those in touristed areas. Lots of asian restaurants in Asia offer "western" food, both for Asians and for tourists.

      would love to try the tea leaf salad and the ginger salad--hope they are good renditions.

      1. re: missmasala

        Yeah, a good tea leaf salad is hard to find in NY. However, when in Burma in 06 I never saw toasts.

        1. re: MOREKASHA

          "hard to find" leads me to believe it can be found - without derailing the thread too far, where do you go to get your tea leaf salad in ny?

          1. re: tex.s.toast

            Sometimes, the Thai food house (since closed0 but they didnt always have it. Mostly I wait for the Burmese food fairs....

            1. re: MOREKASHA

              once a year in late august simply isn't often enough for me! but I always make sure I'm in town for those. I dream of the shave ice and that falooda at the briarwood fair.

              1. re: bigjeff

                Dont forget the Henry St fair and the fair in Woodside as well.

                1. re: MOREKASHA

                  what's the woodside one? I only know that briarwood, and I've been to the water festival one in chinatown, ya.

                  1. re: bigjeff

                    It's sometime in the Spring, @ a Public School 1 block off Queens Blvd in Woodside. It's the smallest of the fairs. I went last year for the first time and it was good. I'm trying to dig up the details for it but have had no luck so far.

                    Whoops, here we go

          2. re: MOREKASHA

            I saw them in 05 in some Yangon cafes and some restaurants in touristed areas.

            Think it's a young hip thing--like the bubble tea cafes here that serve all kinds of "western" food.

      2. I had lunch at Sweet Yummy House and was surprised to find that the menu inside was very different from the takeout menu I took when I passed by last week. The menu is much more Szechwan in focus, and I didn't see any of the Burmese stuff that's listed on the takeout menu. I just had the $5.50 lunch special of what might be called "kung pao" fish with peppers, peanuts, and chili. There were a lot of whole crushed sichuan pepper berries in there too, that I had to fish around. I prefer to have those sichuan peppers pulverized and sprinkled rather than bite into a whole berry, where you get that instant numbing. The $5.50 included a little "amuse" of pressed smoked tofu with a scallion oil "pesto" and a decent hot and sour soup, so it's a good value. I wanted to ask about the Burmese stuff, but no one there spoke any English, or at least well enough to avoid confusion. Either way, I'm pleased with Sweet Yummy House, and will go back when I can. If they can do Szechwan dishes with consistency, it's a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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        1. re: E Eto

          Yeah, they seemed to have dropped the Burmese & Yunnan dishes. Sad.

          1. re: MOREKASHA

            I had a reeeeaaallly good lamb curry the other day for the lunch special. there was a lot in there and it has a little side of their kimchi substance. they also gave me some "house special mix" I don't even know if they had a name for it in burmese. it was basically ground pork or beef with lots of peppers.

            I want to try their noodle soups. they say they hand pull them there.

            1. re: MOREKASHA

              what a letdown! the original post got me salivating but as I went further down the thread . . . . ya that sucks. Is there a current burmese restaurant anywhere?

              1. re: bigjeff

                Mingala in NYC. I hear it's pretty good.

                1. re: Jeffsayyes

                  it's closed! it was across from stomp and . . . I think it either turned into a japanese place, or it turned into that Hip Hop Chow that is also closed, or maybe the other way around. come to think of it, I think there is possibly a place on 3rd avenue, in the low 30s on the west side of 3rd avenue I think; it might not be burmese, but a tibetan joint.

                  additional research yields these old reviews:

          2. I think this thread has been derailed by the tease of having a place for Burmese dishes, but now that Sweet Yummy House has fully blossomed into a Szechwan style restaurant, I have to say that it's a very welcome addition to the neighborhood, filling a niche that hadn't been served yet. I'm not sure how it compares yet with the often-mentioned Szechwan places in Flushing or Manhattan, but I'm really liking it, especially since I can walk there instead of getting on the train to Flushing. Also, the portions are much bigger than what you get at the competitors, so if getting good Szechwan dishes at bargain prices is your thing, it's probably worth a visit. For another comparison, I recently had lunch at Imperial Palace in Flushing, and a similar squid dish at Sweet Yummy House, and the one at Sweet Yummy House was not only a bigger portion, but it was just a better dish, more carefully and artfully prepared. Lately, I'm very down on Imperial Palace as it seems like a one trick pony with their crab/rice dish (except I think the same dish is better at Ocean Jewels, but that's beside the point). The wonton in red chili oil was also a nice big portion, and quite good (but I don't think I've had a bad version of this dish). If you haven't noticed, I'm really excited about having Sweet Yummy House here.

            I should note that the service is very attentive, but a little haphazard since no one I noticed speaks much English. Every person there has tried to talk to me in Chinese, if that's any indication. I don't think they've had a chance yet to "dumb down" the food for the unsuspecting locals, so this might be the right window to sample a bunch of stuff from the menu, especially for you Szechwan food lovers. I'd like to know how this place compares with the powerhouses.

            Sweet Yummy House
            83-12 Broadway, Queens, NY 11373

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            1. re: E Eto

              I forgot to mention that right now, they are offering a 10% discount on the check, probably a grand opening offer.

              1. re: E Eto

                I agree that the fact that the menu is NOT burmese anymore, this should NOT dismay adventurous eaters. The new menu is larger with many interesting items on it like yam gelatin w. duck, pig blood cake with chives (on the vegetables section), and a section "Fresh Hot Pepper Dishes"
                The staff is very nice. dishes looked great. what I've had was fresh.
                and there is a young man who speaks english well.

                too bad they do not have the lamb curry which I had originally... that was reeaaaallly good

                this is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. loads better than crap places like mei wei and great wealth.