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Dover, DE restaurants?

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I'll be in Dover on business later this month. Hoping not to have to traipse outside of the city for dinner after a full day of driving. What's good in town? I'm game for just about any type of food out there. Thanks!

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  1. You'll find just about every chain on the Highway. In my opinion the best meal for the money is south of town at the Cool Springs Fish Bar & Restaurant; or Corner eatery at 33 West Loockerman St (Bistro food); and at Where Pigs Fly (BBQ Ribs) at 617 E Loockerman St.

    1. Our favorite is Mare Monti for Italian bistro-style food. Hidden in the corner of a strip mall on the corner of Saulsbury Rd and Forrest Ave next to Food Lion. Cool Springs is good for seafood with a nice open kitchen design. Dover Downs has a constantly changing cast of restaurants as they look for something that works, but Michele's is still good for a pricey a la carte dinner

      1. If you're looking for outstanding authentic Mexican food, check out El Nopal. I wrote a short review of it here:

        It's not fancy but it's also not what I'd call a total hole-in-the-wall either. It's an odd old house, and it's totally delicious.

        1. Thanks everyone! They all sound like great options. I'm not going for a little over a week, so I'm not sure what I'll be in the mood for. It's great to have a variety to choose from. If anyone else has additional suggestions, don't be shy. But I really appreciate what's been posted. Thanks!