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Knife sharpening

I found a place at the Dallas Farmers Market that really does a professional job on sharpening cutlery. The name is Mobile Knife Sharpening. I was not having much luck finding a sharpening service, so I am elated to find that this place exists and does such a wonderful job. Their web site is www.mobilesharpening.com

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  1. Thanks for the helpful tip.

    1. Thank you for posting this. He also has a very good reference from the FW culinary school. He lists a location in Ft Worth at Roy Pope Grocery - which sound like an interesting, long-standing, family run operation selling wild game, locally sourced produce and other delectable items. I look forward both to getting my knives sharpened and browsing this market.

      Do you know what his rates are? Does he charge per inch of knife blade?

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        I had all my knives sharpened down there a few weeks ago and Jack Gresham did a TERRIFIC job. He charges by the knife inch but I think there is a minumum charge per knife. He also has some name brand knife 'seconds' that he has fine tuned for sale at reasonable prices.

        I am ecstatic to find this local resource as I was not happy with the only other knife sharpening resource I was aware of (near downtown). In looking for a new knife sharpening service, I was VERY surprised how few places there were for a city as large as Dallas! I assume there are a lot of folks in Dallas and on this board that have a sizable investment in their cutlery, as I do!

        ALL THE BEST to Jack and his Dallas Farmer's Market location! He should do a bang up job down there and I recommend him highly!!!

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          I think you mean, Carter Gresham. Not, Jack.

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          85 cents per inch. I had taken a couple of my big knives there that had suffered some abuse and he fixed them without removing too much metal.
          This is a great find!

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            Not to thread-jack, but we bought our meats exclusively at Roy Pope's when we lived in FW during the 1950's. First class folks and products. We moved to California (sorry) and when my nephews were born we had Roy Pope's send us a hickory smoked bbq brisket to celebrate. Wonderful food and great folks to deal with.

          2. I went today and Jack Gresham was there. He did an awesome job! Quick service and my knives are super sharp!

            1. For anyone out toward the mid-cities/Grapevine area, I just talked with Carter and he now has a deal with Market Street in Colleyville. He will be onsite to sharpen knives this Tues, so they can be dropped off at the meat department anytime before and be picked up on Wednesday. He said it's best to wrap them in newspaper, on the diagonal. He'll return them in a cardboard sheath.

              I believe he also said he has a deal with Market Street in Frisco.

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                Thanks for the heads. It's right down the street.

              2. For those of you north of the loop, there's a guy who runs a small cuttlery shop in The Shops at Willow Bend, called the Cutlery Collection. He charges $1 an inch for sharpening and does a great job. He's the only game around for us up here in the north forty.

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                  Agreed. Carl at Cutlery Collection does a great job. He also is experienced in the asian knives, like Shun, which require a different sharpening technique.

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                    The bevel angle on Japanese knives is more acute and the steel is harder. They can also be prone to chipping because of the harder (more brittle steel). Shuns are chippy IMO. Regardless of whom one chooses, it is very important when you have Japanese knives to go to someone who knows the steel and how to sharpen at a proper angle. Most sharpeners can sharpen the Japanese knives but might mess them up. They may take them to the belts and change the angle of the edge or not take them to a high enough grit. If that happens you will have just downgraded your Japanese cutlery and lost the advantage of the harder steel.

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                    Yep just had my knives sharpened last week. Yes he knows Shun and German Steel as well. I took a mix of both to be sharpened. He also has quite the collection of knives for sale.

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                      Does he use a sharpening whet stone or the electric belt grinder?

                    2. Picked up a couple of (test) knives yesterday and am very pleased with the result. Will probably take in several more this week. As long as there is reason, this Market Street (Colleyville) will be in the weekly rotation.

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                        Good to hear. I completely forgot about the last one. Sounds like this may become part of a rotation. Lord knows I have a few that need it.

                      2. For those closer to the north side of FW, a butcher acquaintance of mine recommends House of Blades on NW Loop 820. He sharpens his own knives, but has dealt with these guys over the years and doesn't hesitate to point in their direction for sharpening.

                        While I'm pleased with Mobile Knife Sharpening and would use them again, I'll probably give HoB a go for the simple reason they charge only $3.00 a (kitchen) knife up to 10". Specialty knives - serrated, etc - are more . As does MKS, they use belt sanders with step down grits and finish with a leather belt.


                        I'd love to find someone who is reputable with a whet stone, so if anyone can offer a rec to that end.......

                        1. I use Veiga Brothers on Gaston. Found them when they were recommended on KERA "Think." Several local chefs go there. VERY inexpensive and did a great job. (214) 821-3240 2929 Gaston Ave

                          1. Every Tuesday there is a man who sits at a little table and sharpens knives at the Joanne's store at Forest and Inwood. I have used him once, some time ago. Seems fine. Meanthile last XMAS I got the $150 Chef's Choice electronic sharpener (recommended by Cook's Illustrated) and have been pleased.

                            1. I have recently started sharpening knives in the Colleyville (Mid-cities) area. I went to Market Street and no one picks up there anymore. I will pickup at your location. I hand sharpen the knives.I am doing this as a hoby so I will spend the time to get your knives done right. My web site is WWW.MikesknifeSharpening.com

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                                There is also Burke Cutlery Services in Richland Hills. He is a pro chef, sharpens for the online retailer Chef Knives to Go, is beginning to make his own knives, is very active with the online knife forums, and will hand sharpen using Japanese waterstones too.


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                                  Btw, Burke Cutlery has a new website and relocated to Hurst. With that said, he is now doing knife work full time and working on his own line of knives.


                              2. I have always used Viega Knife sharpening on Gaston Ave across from Baylor Hospital's south side. 2.00 per knife and they do a good job. I go every 6 mo and have been disappointed only 1-2 times in 20 years. The downside is that it is mom and pop so no instant service (i.e. drop off and pick up necessary) and they are closed weekends.

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                                  Jack at mobile knife sharpening has closed the kiosk at the Dallas Farmers Market and now does curb service. For more info call 469-387-0434 or go to www.mobilesharpening.com
                                  Same great results but, more convenient.

                                2. This service has only gotten better. It's now comes to you and sharpens your knives, just like they do for restaurants and hotels. Jack does my hunting knives and the work is super.

                                  1. I just wanted to bump this thread. I took my knives (along with some neighbors too) to Jack on Saturday and he did a fantastic job. I am all set for the cooking season and would highly recommend him. If you don't want him to come to you, he'll tell you where he will be and you go to him. It was easy and a great value.

                                    Www.mobilesharpening.com or 469.387.0434.