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Mar 4, 2010 11:58 AM

Canned salmon: Bones & Skin

So I had a Southern moment today and made (low carb) salmon croquettes for lunch. As I was mashing up the bones into crunchy little extra calcium bits, and pondering whether to get some of the skin off (I didn't), I recalled a friend who got freaked out watching me make croquettes once, and couldn't help but wonder about other Chowhounds.

Assuming you'd deign to use canned salmon w/skin & bones included.. mix them in, or remove?

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  1. I always keep in skin and bones for salmon (and sardines and herring)...much healthier. I suppose that if you know someone will freak out if you serve it that way, then you might refrain.

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    1. re: Val

      You're nicer than I. I prefer obfuscation. Because after parenting for 18 years, that's how I roll.

      1. re: shanagain

        Thanks for the new word shanagain, yes I looked it up :-} As a parent of 16 years new words come in handy. Too bad obfuscate doesn't roll of the tongue, but I think it will skype well.

        Back on topic - I take the skin out. The Mr. was *not* a fish eater 18 years ago and this is a small compromise.

    2. Yep, I keep the skin and bones on when I'm making salmon loaf. I don't think I've ever had anyone watch me make it so I don't know if they'd freak. Once they're mashed up, I can't see / taste the evidence.

      1. I keep the skin and bones too...I was always told that those were the parts that made it good for you!

        1. When we were young, our favorite part was the little porous bones.

          1. another vote for leaving skin and bones in but I like to mash the bones up well.

            I love canned salmon sandwiches - mashed up with some vinegar, white bread and butter.

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              Vinegar, eh smartie? Just plain white vinegar? Never heard of that. I'll try it!

              We do grilled salmon sandwiches quite often: mash up the salmon with the bones (I always remove the skin), add some onion, celery, dill and a teaspoon or so of mayo. Spread onto some bread, throw a piece of cheese on top, butter the bread, and grill low and slow as per a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

              Both my mother and doctor always remind me to eat the bones for extra calcium.