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Mar 4, 2010 11:57 AM

Trying to find 4.5" corn tortillas.

I've been trying to find the smaller, 4.5" corn tortillas. I see that Mission, Guererro and a company called Rudy's makes them, I just can't seem to be able to buy them anywhere. I am looking in the greater New York, New Jersey and greater Philadelphia areas.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Try Trade Fair Supermarkets. They have all sizes and shapes of arepas, so maybe just maybe they carry tortillas of various sizes too.

    Look -->

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        I can't thank you enough. They sell them at Trade Fair. I'm an so grateful!

        1. re: c2e13

          Great ! ... ... glad to have been able to help.

      2. You can also try Tortilleria Nixtamal.

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        1. re: Greg

          yes, they sell their tortillas, and you don't even have to buy that many--but you need to use them that day or next at the latest..I also remember seeing small ones at Trader Joe's

          1. re: janie

            I have bought tortillas at Nixtamal and froze the ones I couldn't use - I felt like they were still good after being frozen but of course not exactly like they were when bought fresh.

          2. Goya makes small ones--at least they carry them in my local met food and at fairway. I like them because they don't have any preservatives.

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            1. re: missmasala

              missmasala, which fairway do you shop at and what section are the goya tortilla's located? thanks!!!

              1. re: c2e13

                I shop at the one in brooklyn (red hook) and the goya tortillas are in the refrigerated case where the kraft cheese etc is. at least, last time i checked they were. Also, they don't always have them.

                The met on smith used to carry both the goya corn and the small goya flour tortillas, but now they carry a different brand that has preservatives in it.

                Since Fairway doesn't always have them, I have been buying my tortillas a lot at trader joes. Their flour tortillas are good but i find their corn ones are only okay--the goya ones are much better.

                1. re: missmasala

                  Thanks! We are on the lookout for the corn since my husband is allergic to wheat. I live in Brooklyn and have tried Fairway but will keep looking!!

                  1. re: c2e13

                    I'm also wheat intolerant and the Red Hook Fairway has a few wheat/gluten free corn tortilla options in a few different locations. But IMHO the best tortillas at Fairway are currently inexplicable kept on the bottom shelf under the fairway brand pasta sauce across from the coffees. They moved them there a few months ago. They are the freshest. And it's the weirdest place to put them - but there they are.

                    1. re: rdnnyc

                      That's where they went! They're really good!

            2. avoid all those supermarket brands and just go to any mexican grocery in jackson heights, bronx, corona, sunset, wherever, or any sort of supermarket in those areas like Met, Associated, the aforementioned Trade Fair, etc. They are usually quite inexpensive, around $1 or so for the typical pack of 30 or so (about 3"-4" high stack). I think there is a brand La Chinita, it isn't any better or worse than the other standard brands.

              If you live in BK, you should easily find some mexican areas with bodegas and things, and you definitely don't even have to buy Goya, you can get some "local" brands.

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              1. re: bigjeff

                Actually, goya is a pretty "local" brand, since the company is based in NJ.

                My met switched from carrying goya to locally-made brooklyn corn tortillas, but all those companies seem to use preservatives (specifically potassium sorbate) and the goya brand doesn't. Most of the time I prefer authentic locally made items over those made by a big brand, but I am an incessant label reader and if I have the choice I prefer my tortillas without preservatives.

                I cede that with the TJ's corn tortillas you are giving up flavor to achieve the no-preservative thing, but the goya ones are good. Honest.

                1. re: missmasala

                  thanks for the info; I do understand that even those "local" ones are probably manufactured under less than ideal conditions; since its still a factory. good to know that goya doesn't use preservatives.

                  of course I will just rub it in that I came back from Mexico (Sayulitas, state of Nayarit) very recently and made sure to pick up 3kg of fresh corn tortillas on my way to the airport. Not round, slightly oblong, and I've frozen them into little six-packs for future use. yum!

                  1. re: bigjeff

                    well now of course i'm green with envy.

                  2. re: missmasala

                    doing a little research and . . . amazing what "local" actually is. here I am thinking that La Poblanita and La Chinita are some quaint thing just because their packaging looks cheesy and . . . . . :