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Mar 4, 2010 11:10 AM

Any good pizza joints in Markham Ontario or even Stouffville Ontario?

I live in Markham Ontario and the best pizza place I can find is sadly a chain, Pizza Nova. Judys Pizzeria, Station Pizza, Pizza Pizza, My Little Pizzeria, not to mention lowly chains Pizza Pizza and Pizza Hut just don't make the grade! Any suggestions of another pizza place that may be up to par with Dante's or Abruzzo's?

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  1. Can not say I have had them lately but Judy's (16th just east of 48) and Crupis on Manhatten ( Mcowan S. 16th) used to be pretty good.

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    1. re: legendrider

      I have tried Judy's and was undewhelmed. Crupi's pizza was just okay imho.

      1. re: callitasicit

        Crupis was at one time very good but Crupi sold the place and it became pretty mediocre. He opened up a new shop in stouffville that is great imo its called Nono Crupi's and its at 15102 Highway 48.

    2. I haven't been but Calabria Bakery, opened up a second location in Markham on Hwy 7/McCowan. I have heard good things about their original Scarborough location, which serves wood oven pizzas only on Fridays/Saturdays I believe.

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        I heard the one in Scarborough is good as well. I have been to Calabria in Markham and was not that impressed with the sandwich I orderer. Perhaps, I will go by soon to try their pizza.

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          I might be mistaken but i believe the markham location doesn't have a wood burning oven like the other locations.

          I just stopped by Nonna's on 48 and 16th for the first time in a year and they've really upped their game. Imported wood burning oven, nice light thin crust, good ammount of char and great toppings.