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Mar 4, 2010 10:44 AM

Kaffir lime leaves

Does anyone know what the heck is going on with these? I can't find them anywhere anymore, Dragon, United, Shuang Hu. Nothing anywhere, and I am going slowly crazy.
Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. I would try Patel; they had them when I was there about 2 months ago.

    1835 central ave n.e
    mpls MN 55418
    tel no. 612-789-8800

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    1. re: SmartCookie

      Thanks SmartCookie, but I just called and they have curry leaves, but the gentleman stated that they do not carry lime leaves...

    2. Surely United Noodle's shortage was temporary? I have never seen them not have them, so perhaps it is just a matter of days...

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      1. re: Foureyes137

        Hi Foureyes137, they have now been out for over a month, and according to the lady that I spoke with, they have no idea when they might have them back again. This really sucks.

      2. doesn't ever asian store carry it?

        1. United noodle always have these lime leaves. I was there two weeks ago, and I saw them right by the curry leaves.

          You could also try the asian stores on Nicollet.

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          1. re: alpa chino

            Found the issue, from a website Kaffir lime leaves are currently not available as of February 17 2010 due to a USDA quarantine.

            Looks like it might be awhile before we see these again. Drat.

            1. re: doctor k

              Doctor K-

              Where did you find this info? I went onto the USDA site and couldn't find anything concerning this.

              1. re: SmartCookie

                Hi SmartCookie,
                Here it is:
                In addition, I also called Shuang Hu, and the lady there verified that this is the issue. They have no idea on how long this may take.

                1. re: doctor k

                  Friends School Plant Sale catalog lists kaffir lime trees as a new offering this year.


                  They will be sold in 1-gallon pots ($15 each). According to the catalog, the plant is "well suited to container growing...can bloom year-around."

                    1. re: Ms. Fennelbulb

                      First a disclosure - I am affiliated with Friends School of Minnesota, which sponsors the plant sale.

                      The folks who run the plant sale keep detailed records of how many plants are sold each year in order to try to meet demand. However, new offerings have no history - so there's no way to know how popular this (or any other new offering) will be.

                      Therefore, if you're interested in getting a kafir lime tree at the plant sale, you may want to go to the sale sooner rather than later.

                      1. re: bob s

                        You can also get Kaffir Lime trees at Logee's which I done in the past. I've also gotten curry leaf tree's from them to keep a fresh supply on hand. Unfortunately, looks like they are out of stock as well, but you could check with them on when they'll be back in.


                  1. re: SmartCookie

                    RE: Kaffir Lime Leaf Update
                    Dear Customer,
                    As you know, Kaffir Lime Leaves are in quarantine due to an insect called the Asian Citrus
                    Psyllid. The USDA is trying to control the spread of citrus greening by banning citrus leaves &
                    stems from leaving the quarantine zone. We applaud them for their effort, but it has made it
                    almost impossible to find legal kaffir lime leaves anywhere.
                    At present there are methods available to eliminate the pest. However, we have been unable to
                    receive approval of use on our leaves. One option, methyl bromide, is used on curry leaves and
                    many other types of leaves and produce in order to eliminate pests. The kaffir lime leaf is not on
                    an approved USDA product list, thus, we cannot use it. A washing process is another option, but
                    no results have been reported from a Hawaiian study. Drying or freezing is not possible, as
                    remnants of insects could survive.
                    Nurseries have recently received approval for shipping citrus trees (leaves attached) to all non-
                    citrus producing states with an approved treatment. Again, we were denied approval to use the
                    same methods for shipping leaves only. Our main concern as citrus growers is that un-treated
                    leaves are now being smuggled into the USA since we are unable to provide safe, treated leaves
                    to those who need them.
                    We are asking for those who care to compose a letter or call one of the following representatives
                    from the USDA, CDFA & APHIS organization to make your concerns heard and to gain
                    approval of treatment.
                    John Loyd
                    (559) 233-3165
                    Nick Condos
                    (916) 654-0312
                    Mike Hennessey
                    (323) 855-4329
                    Patrick Gomes
                    (919) 855-7313
                    Janet Taylor
                    (916) 698-1046
                    Together, we can bring attention to a major issue and try to find a solution to a major problem.

                    Thank you for your support

                    1. re: cymon342

                      Thanks cymon for the update, I have already sent emails to all contacts, this is just ridiculous.

                      1. re: doctor k

                        BTW I was able to get leaves this week from amazon. They're a little expensive, but the quality is prime time.

                      2. re: cymon342

                        Dear customer,

                        We were informed today that Kaffir Lime Leaves have been placed on a "Quarantine Exemption" list by the USDA. This means we have permission to ship lime leaves again for up to a year using a specified, USDA approved, treatment schedule.

                        Our facility needs a few weeks to get back up and running again, and to be inspected by the USDA. Once we have approval, you can order all the kaffir lime leaves you want!

                        We are so thrilled to be able to serve you again. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Please be on the look our for a follow up email, to confirm our approved shipping status.

                          1. re: SmartCookie

                            Today, I saw a large basket full of kaffir lime leaves at Dragon Star in SP (Dale and Minnehaha)! The basket was placed by whole young coconuts.

                2. I want to say that Kafir lime trees are extremely difficult to grow in Minnesota weather, considering they are tropical plants. But, I ordered a calamondin orange tree and a meyer lemon tree some years back, with the intention of growing it Suburban chicago weather. The lemon tree died. And since illinois and TC weather is fairly similar, you'd expect the same results.

                  However, the redeeming grace is the mention of curry leaf trees. My mother (being a south indian) has religiously grown her Kareappela (curry leaf) trees for years. They are her children. And they grow successfully, more so in the summer obviously. But the kareappelas don't bear fruit unless they grow huge. And they are tropical plants and grow nicely in suburban chicago.

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                  1. re: alpa chino

                    Good points, though I was thinking of doing the Kafir in a pot indoors (maybe outdoors in the summer) rather than planting outside. If you're really after the leaves a container plant is all you really need. My curry leaf tree is about four years old and has always been indoors.