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Mar 4, 2010 10:26 AM

First trip to Brussels: Looking for wide range of recommendations

I have dutifully searched this board and the Brussels recs are a little thin. I've read that there are a plethora of great restaurants in the Brussels area. I will be staying and working NE of Brussels (Diegem). I could use some help here mostly for dinner recs. Also, I could use tips on getting to suggested restaurants as I won't have a car, but plenty of $ for cabs and trains. No restrictions on type of cuisine, not a vegan or vegetarian. Looking for everything from authentic to just plain good. Money isn't an issue, but I don't need to eat every night at the most expensive places.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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      Yes, thank you. A really good report. However, it would be nice to see a little more from the board. More options, suggestions, etc. I wonder if the goods are being held close to the chest for this town. Some places are not as open about the best spots, etc.

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        Out in Diegem itself is a nice little Italian place just off of Woluwelaan. Tesia Rossi's or something like that. Big plank wood fllors and rustic design. The food is good and generally authentic. Service can be hit or miss. Some english is spoken since you're in a Flemish area...try that with the Walloons and the result will be different.

        In Zaventem which is next village over and just outside the Ring Road (R0), near a small pond/lake. Are several small but good places. t'Hof Van Hamm is very localistic and good food - Flemish in nature and the beer menu while good is limited. On the other side of that pond/lake is a place that resembles a castle tower...can't remember the name but it's also good, however a bit fancier. At the corner across the street and to the right (if you stand in front of t'Hof) is another Flemish place that's all Flemish all the time and it's quite good. At the end of the street that this last one is on is a Chinese place.

        All of these are local places, all speak English, all of them are solid performers time and again without any real problems of note...I'm not counting the occasional oops but am saying there's good attention and quality at all of them. You're maybe 1-2 km from the Ring road and just on the other side is all the industrial offices for folks like Pepsico, HP, Toyota, several hotels as well.

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          Just been at 't Hof Van Hamm, not bad, but nothing special at all. Service friendly but erratic, bit overpriced, mussels a 6,5; scampi in garlic butter 6,5, but way overpriced. Not typical Flemish; just typical for middle of the road Belgium.
          Only 5 minutes from the airport, and probably better than the average airport food.

    2. As Diegem is near Vilvoorde, it might be a good idea to go to restaurant De Kuiper over there. They're specialised in horse steak with salad and fries. This is amongst the best meals you can have in Belgium. Very authentic and very good.

      As for Brussels, there's indeed a lot on this board already. If you want top Japanese, I would recommend Nonbe Daigaku, for top Italian Senza Nome. For meat lovers, La Paix is the place to go - but they only serve lunch. La marée is a good fish place. If you want to spend all lot of $$$ , you can spend them well at Comme Chez Soi.
      I personally could go every night to Restaurant Henri (Belgian with a twist) and Friture René (authentic, simple Belgian food) . For a simple yet nice meal SteakFrit is quite ok. If you stay away from restaurants on the Grande Place (except for 't Kelderke) and La Bourse, you're already halfway on enjoying great restaurants.

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        Not that the original post is a year old, so I would assume this trip has already taken place...