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Mar 4, 2010 10:20 AM

Mexican Fare

I'm planning to serve Mexican fare for Oscar night. I'll serve tacos, fajitas, guacamole and salsa with Mexican salad. What kind of drink should I serve? My guests do not like beer.

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  1. Margaritas and/or mojitos.

    1. Sangria? I love sangria with Mexican. Margaritas, of course.

      1. Bloody Marias--extra hot n' spicy. Sort of like gazpacho (yes, I know that's not quite Mexican) in a glass.

        1. If you really want to go authentic, go find yourself some horchata or make up a batch of hibiscus tea (aka Jamaica tea, but not like the country of Jamaica - it's often called Jamaica flower (with a YH sound) in Spanish.) You can use the hibiscus tea in some improvised cocktails too. If you have a Mexican/Latino market in your area, they will carry the dried flowers. People will LOVE it and it's a welcome change to the sugary sweetness that often accompanies margaritas.

          This just came up in Google but it's a good start.

          1. How about Bloody Caesars, made with clamato juice rather than tomato or V8?


            We make them with tequila sometimes.