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Mar 4, 2010 10:01 AM

Recipes with Meyer Lemons Needed

I bought 8 beautiful Meyer lemons at the Dekalb Farmers Market just outside of ATL. In case you were wondering, they were $1.59 total. That's insanely cheap considering I've paid $2.20/lb at Whole Foods in South Carolina before.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a meyer lemon recipe? I'm thinking maybe lemon bars from the Ad Hoc at Home cookbook, or maybe a tart?

Suggestions please!!!

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  1. This might use up most of your lemons but you could always try making some preserved lemons. There are plenty of techniques (not really a recipe) online but all you need is salt and a glass jar.

    1. Oh, love that Dekalb Market--the single must-stop-every-single-time-I'm- in-Atlanta-place.

      I'm w/Fuller: I made several jars of preserved lemons w/my Meyers recently. Gave some to my friend, and she thanked me by cooking a wonderful chicken tagine w/olives and some of the preserved lemons.

      Also, try the wonderful oange marmalade cake posted on Orangette's current blog post (2/14). I subbed one Meyer for the regular lemon called for; it worked great. But I also think you could forego the orange altogether and use maybe 3 Meyer lemons for the citrus, de-seeded, maybe upping the sugar by 1/4 c. or so, making a lemon marmalade cake. Believe me, this cake is wonderful.

      Lemon bars, too, are one of my favorites.

      1. this is a pretty common question, here are two recent threads on recipes for meyer lemons:

        and the following links to a post I made that includes no less than 12 (!) other recent threads on this subject. It is very possible you could find some interesting recipes in any of those threads!

        1. Here are some great recipes to try with Meyer Lemons -

          1. Meyer lemon marmalade!

            It's DIVINE and really keeps the perfumely natures of these very specal lemons.

            I make this recipe lots.