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May 11, 2005 11:05 AM

Schreiner's German Deli

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I plan on visiting Schreiner's German Deli in Glendale soon and wanted to get some recommendations. I enjoy the various sausages and bakery items at Alpine Village market/deli and wanted to know how this place compares. Thanks in advance!

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  1. A great neighborhood deli. I love their black forest ham (which they are known for). I usually get their BFH sandwich and sometimes their bratwurst. They have a large selection of sausages and meats and cheeses. No bakery items - for that go next door to Berolina's.

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      The smoked pork chops at Schreiner's are pretty great. The various liverwursts and leberkases are excellent - I recognize the superiority of the ``old-fashioned,'' but I usually go for the one studded with pistachios. The mild house-made bacon is good. And while the unsmoked sausages are perhaps a notch below those at Alpine, anything that has passed through the smoker is wonderful.

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      Where in Glendale is this place? Thanks!!!

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        It's really more Montrose than Glendale - just south of Montrose proper on Verdugo road.

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          3417 Ocean View Blvd, Glendale, CA 91208
          (818) 244-4735
          210 Exit Ocean View (go south - away from mountains)
          Go straight a few blocks past Honolulu (you will see the street curve at the end it is right there).

        2. It's just down the road from my home office, so I have been there many, many times. Any sausage is excellent. The Lachsschinken is great -- actually any Schinken is great. And (how random is this) they have terrific braunschweiger/liverwurst.

          You really can't go wrong -- and they'll let you taste it if you're not sure.

          You'll also want to go next door (uphill side) to Berolina bakery, which is a Swedish bakery. They have good limpa bread, terrific rye bread, and unbeatable Swedish pastries. Even their eclairs taste better. I also love the chocolate "bar" type cookies with the sugar on.

          1. Wow--I love Schreiners. I grew up eating there. I think Mrs Schreiner still works there too. I personally love their sandwiches (everyone loves ths blackforest ham). The bread is good and crunchy and I love how they're old style--no lettuce, no tomato--just meat, mustard and pickles. I get the extra coleslaw on top. I think the sandwich will run you a whopping $2.15 plus coleslaw for .15. I wish I lived near Schreiners. Yummm!

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              Don't forget to pay the extra 10 cents for the extra pickles! I also get cheese on mine.