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The Best Knish in Manhattan

Anybody have suggestions for the best knish in Manhattan? I've been to Jonah Schimmel's (sp?) and I thought they were greasy and flavorless. I liked the ones at Carnegie Deli, but I know a lot of you dis Carnegie Deli. Katz's -- meh. So where do I go?

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  1. Unfortunately there is not a good knish to be had in Manhattan.

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    1. I happen to love the knishes from Zabars
      round, not too large, many delicious flavors

      You can find them at the back of the prepared foods counter, across from the soup, next to the struedels (which also happen to be yummy).

      1. Go out to Queens to the Knish Nosh on Queens Blvd.-- THE BEST!!

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            I've only had them delivered via Fresh Direct, but they were bland enough that I was bored a couple bites in. Always wondered if they were better from the Queens locale.

        1. I guess the real question is: Who "MAKES" the best knish in NYC? My best guess is that places like Katz's, Zabar's etc. sells knishs that are made in a knish bakery. Correct me if I am wrong.
          Way back in the day there was a Knish bakery on the boardwalk of Coney Island and Rockaway beach. It was called Jerry's (or Gerry's) Knishs and they were fabulous.

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            I believe that Zabar's makes their knishes (and strudels) on-site. Or at least they bake them on-site.

          2. Would also agree with the rec for Zabar's -- quite good and I think they are made there though I have never asked. And good variety of flavors you don't see too much (kasha, etc.)

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              In fact, I recently had a kasha knish (my long-time favorite kind) from Zabar's, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Definitely worth a try.

            2. Yonah Schimmel Knish is the first and most famous knishery in New York. It's in the lower east side. http://knishery.com/main.htm
              It's world world famous. My great grandmother, who immigrated from Poland before WWII used to buy kinishes from them in the 1920's.

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                There are dozens of posts (if not hundreds) on Yonah Schimmel here on CH. Yes it's famous. But the knishes are lousy.

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                    Read the thread. Zabar's apparently has a decent knish.

              2. Gottleibe's in Williamsburg has a pretty great potato knish similar to Stahl's in style (just not as well spiced)....does anyone know who makes them, or if they're available anywhere in Manhattan?

                1. Sampled a potato knish at Second Avenue Deli a while back and it was surprisingly good.

                  IMO, the two deadly sins of knishes - especially the benchmark potato - are dryness and leaden-ness, whether it's from frozen or lumpy potatoes that haven't been mashed properly. The Second Avenue Deli knish had neither. Was it the best knish I've ever had? No - the late, lamented Mrs. Stahl's will always come first - but it was tasty.