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Mar 4, 2010 08:43 AM

Where to get the best cream/eggs/dairy?

I am making creme brulee for a dinner party on Saturday. I want to use the best/most fresh cream and eggs possible. It would be great if they were local, but that's not mandatory.

Where to go and what to get? I'm in St. Paul, and while I don't mind driving into the near side of MPLS (e.g. Seward Co-op, etc.), I'd prefer not to be venturing into the suburbs if I don't have to.

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  1. Whole Foods on Grand @ Fairview has excellent dairy.

    1. Mississippi Market is a co-op that is probably closer to you - there's one on Selby and Dale (and I think a second location, but I don't know where that is). I would look for Cedar Summit Farms cream, they're a local dairy and they make good stuff.

      1. Whole Foods has excellent dairy, but I believe the Farmers Market should have dairy as well.

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          Didn't find any dairy in the site's list of what's available. On the other hand, there are no current dates anywhere on the site so that list may be old.

          Have you ever seen milk for sale at the SPFM? I don't recall ever finding any there, but then I seldom visit the winter market.

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            at the peak of the summer last year Crystal Ball had a stand at the SPFM. and Castle Rock and Black Star Dairy had stands in Minneapolis. they all stopped showing up pretty early though.

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              KTFoley-since you asked about milk - I dont recall seeing any sold at the SPFM....but I will say this (I did a post on it and b/c Supertarget was mentioned, it ended up going to Chains). If you're ever looking for milk - try Grasspoint Farms (Thorpe, WI). I have only found it at Target. It's $3.29 for a half gallon. I wish they made 1% cuz I can't do skim, but at our house (hubs grew up on a farm) we compromised on 2%. It's not "organic", it's "certified pasteurized" and I personally think it is better tasting, better overall than ANY organic milk product out there. On the back on the carton, you'll see why. Grassfed only, carbon footprinting information, etc. and details how industry standards, organic and "certified pasteurized" break down. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

          2. for dairy: Cedar Summit, Castle Rock and Crystal Ball are your best options. don't know where specifically to go in StP but I imagine Miss. Market has at least 1 of them. Golden Fig might too?

            eggs: Schultz at the co-op's, Farm on Wheels at the StP farmers.

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              2nd this excellent post. i would try to use castle rock 1st, cedar summit 2nd. they are among the best dairies in the country. any co-op will have fresh local eggs.

            2. Thanks, folks! This recession has made me a Roundy's girl, but I wanted to step it up a notch. :)

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                I always see Cedar Summit at Mississippi Market. I think they have Castle Rock also but am not sure and don't know about Crystal Ball.

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                  MS Market definitely carries both Castle Rock and Cedar Summit. Both are excellent. They don't have Crystal Ball-- I've only seen it at the St. Paul Farmer's Market (in summer).