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Mar 4, 2010 08:30 AM

Run, don't walk, to Kaz An Nou in Prospect Heights!

Went to this adorable new place in Prospect Heights last night with high hopes. A wallet-friendly price point, cute interior, and interesting Guadeloupian-French dishes had me very intrigued. And all of us were more than thrilled with the food. We had almost everything on the menu and it was almost all delicious. It's also BYOB at the moment so despite our gluttony the bill was $93 for 4 of us.

A terrific mushroom & apple soup; beet salad; plantains with cheese; cod fritters; and pheasant pate to start were eaten with great delight. The West Indian-style burger, the spicy lamb lasagne, and jerk chicken with goat cheese and perfectly cooked veggies all were also wonderful. The galette was a little dull, and the tarte Tatin and spicy chocolate cake were just ok (though the cake had nice spice & coconut flavour and could be better if a bit moister). Overall, I think it's a territic addition to the neighbourhood, the owners are totally charming, but it's not on a very highly trafficked street (despite being v close to the Bergen 2/3 and not far from BAM) and I really want to see it succeed. So check it out! (I have no affiliation, I promise.)

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  1. Nor do I have any affiliation. This is a very agreeable little bistro on several levels: the quality and authenticity of the food, the ambiance, the personality of the owners, the prices and the BYO. Be aware they don't take reservations and, when full, you might be invited to return another day. A very positive addition to the Brooklyn dining scene.