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Mar 4, 2010 08:25 AM

Indian Food Truck in Durham, NC

I'm not sure if this was posted ever, but apparently there is a redone Taco truck outside of SAMs that serves Indian food (Chaats and such). Any confirmations or reviews?

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  1. To clairify, the reference is to Sam's Quick Shop on Erwin Road. Not the revolting big-box retailer.

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    1. I've seen it at Sam's Quick Shop several times on my way in to work, but it's never been there when I'm actually looking for food. Would be great to know where it goes to hide! This is the Rubio's taco bus (a red painted Thomas school bus) with a banner hung on the side proclaiming the Indian food.

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        Really? I read elsewhere that is was NOT the Rubio bus... Either way.. must find a time to stop and eat there.

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          It's the same bus - they just hang a banner on the side of the Rubio's taco truck. The Indian food was only served during lunchtime and it reverts back to Rubio's in the evening. Unfortunately it hasn't been there recently - apparently run off for not having the proper permit - but should be back when they get that sorted out, according to the folks at Sam's I talked to today (who are missing their good Indian food).

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            I wonder if they are selling dosas, lentil-rice crepes stuffed with potatoes.... there's a guy in Union Sq in Manhattan who does that & is popular

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              Yes, apparently so, although $5 seems a bit much for dosas. We're probably taking around 25 cents in food cost. When Green Leaf was around with their $8 lunch buffet they would bring you AYCE dosas and they were quite good. They are also selling curries and samosa chaat for the same price so I'd rather go for that.

              1. re: bbqme

                I just had their dosha, and in all fairness, it was a very filling meal. The $5 buys a serving of vegetable soup, a very large dosha, and a coconut chutney on the side.

                The food was decent-- all of it was delicious, but a little on the greasy side. The dosha pancake part at its very best is a light, crispy thing, but IFOW's version was pan-fried with more than a bit too much oil, or ghee, or something.

              2. re: Rory

                washington square park, you mean?

        2. Does anyone know when this truck is actually there?

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            if you'd like to organize an Indian dinner with me for the hounds, please join the google group

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              I signed up for the group. I guess I'm waiting to be approved? Anyway, my thought was, how about a crawl through some of the Indian joints in Chatham Square. Start with dosas at Udupi Cafe, followed by sev batata puris and other veg Indian steet foods and snacks at Cool Breeze, and then finish with some Bengali sweets at Mithai.

              Cool Breeze
              740 E Chatham St Ste E, Cary, NC 27511

              1. re: bbqme

                bbqme; great idea I'm hungry already;-) a pity about Green Papaya, I never even made it there bother! Kerala foods which is local sells a packaged veg dosa for $4 & I think that's over the top, but they sell...

                1. re: Rory

                  I really love Kerala's bottled cilantro chutney and lemon chutney. I'd be willing to try the packaged dosa (and I don't usually buy stuff packaged) - where have you seen it?

          2. I went past Sam's Quick Shop a couple of time this past weekend (in the daylight hours) and the Indian truck was nowhere to be seen. What's the scoop?

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              Permitting concerns, I believe? Hopefully it will get resolved.

            2. I picked up food there Sunday evening just before 6 PM.

              It looks like there is one guy in the truck taking orders, making food, and handing out the food and taking money, so I see the potential for him getting backed up if he has too many customers showing up at the same time.

              I wanted to order the samosa chat, but he said "the first item is almost the same."

              After a few seconds, I realized that he meant he didn't have samosa chat. I ordered the tikki chole chat which was two potato patties covered in the same chick peas, onions, and sauce as the samosa would have been.

              I also ordered a dosa and the chicken curry.

              I waited about 10 minutes for the food to be ready and then drove 5 minutes to get home.

              When I got home, the dosa was already getting soggy due to steaming in the box. I don't think it's a good takeout item unless you're going to eat it almost immediately.

              The chicken curry with rice had large chunks of white meat which was a little dry. I think dark meat and/or smaller pieces would have been better. The serving of rice was fine. The chicken curry was in a half pint Chinese soup container so it was a relatively small serving. The curry was extremely oily.

              Since the chicken curry was $6 and the dosa and tikki chole were $5 each, I'd say it wasn't as good a deal.

              The tikki chole chat was excellent.

              Everything was about the spice level I'd expect. The tikki chole was very spicy. The chicken curry was a little spicy. The dosa wasn't that spicy.

              For $17, there was enough food for my wife and I to have a nice dinner with a little left over.

              He had chana masala, beef curry, and a spinach dish on the menu and said that the menu would be changing occasionally.