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Mar 4, 2010 08:20 AM

Calling all Reno experts. . .

I'll be in Reno for 10 days this month, staying at the Grand Sierra Hotel. Please save me from 16 meals at port o' subs. I need advice on a bunch of meals including:

1) Breakfast/lunch places within walking distance of the hotel (no rental car).
2) 2 or 3 nice dinners (willing to cab it).
3) Any not to be missed regional specialties/ restuarants/diners/dives
4) Any thoughts about sezmu vs. lulou v.s 4th st bistro
5) Charlie Palmer vs. Harrah's steakhouse for a great steakhouse meal. (keeping mind that Palmer doesn't involve the hassle/cost of a cab.
6) Is the burger at the Nugget worth a cab ride from the grand sierra?

Thanks in advance! Chowhounds rock!


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  1. Before it gets moved to the southwest board, I'll offer my thoughts.:
    It's a long walk, but there's M&M's fish and chicken shack at Mill Street and Terminal Way and a Mexican place further south on Terminal Way. The name slips my mind. Also, for a retro-50s style shake and burger, there's a place on Mill Street the other side of the freeway, almost to Kietzke Lane.
    Basically, you're screwed unless you can drive.
    For ethnic specialties, look for my write ups of El Tumi, a Peruvian restaurant on Moana Lane.
    Sezmu is apparently reopening as a gastro pub, meaning simpler foods with high end ingredients. It should be reopened by the time of your trip. Fourth Street Bistro is also wonderful.
    The Awful Awful at the Nugget isn't as good as it used to be, so I"d say no.

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      Steve, Reno is covered on the CA board, the OP can relax and gather tips.

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        Reno is now part of the Southwest while Tahoe is still California

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          Sorry, somehow missed that announcement.

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        Yes to 4th St Bistro
        Stone House Cafe has always been good for me, but not as consistent for some
        Bangkok Thai isn't too far away
        Thai Chili used to be pretty decent
        Asian Noodles for Pho
        Also, what are your thoughts on either of the two Silver Peaks?

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          Sneaky trick-- there is a free shuttle to the airport and you can catch a free shuttle to most of the major casinos around town. Catch the Peppermill to hit places like Naan& Kabob and Chinese Duck. Downtown Reno casinos offer a variety like the Santa Fe Hotel which has good Basque food. A ride to the Sparks Nugget gets you the Great Basin Brewing Co and their great microbrews--Have an Icki to start.

          1. re: SteveTimko

            The Mexican place whose name I couldn't remember is Albita's 1280 Terminal Way Suite 17

          2. Nothing is really walking distance and the area around the resort isn't a place I'd feel really comfortable walking alone either (especially after dark). The Grand Sierra has food in house that is quite good however - Charlie Palmer Steak and Fin Fish and Charlie Palmer just opened an Italian Restaurant also. I've eaten at the steak and fish place and both were good. You should plan on a taxi or maybe rent a car if you want to travel from the hotel. Or, as someone else mentioned, they do have shuttles.