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Mar 4, 2010 07:47 AM

I need a great steak in Providence/Newport RI

My best friend is going into the NAVY this weekend and we are going out in the providence/newport area saturday night for his last night before going into training. I'm not too familiar with the area, and really want to find a great steak house/ restaurant. I'm not looking for a really upscale $$$$$ place, but $40-50 a person probably. Thanks.

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  1. Well Prov. Has 4 Steak Houses, Capitol Grill, Flemmings, Ruth Chris, and Shulas. IMO Neither. Try 10 Steak and Sushi. Great Steaks. They even have real Kobe if your willing to pay the price but its a fun place, some fun food not in anyway stuffy like the former places. .

    1. Frank's right on the money, but if you're looking for it the correct name of the place is Ten Prime Steak & Sushi. 55 Pine St. in Prov. You can get a good steak, but it's a lively scene with great cocktails (which I'm somehow assuming may be a priority for this occasion). The other places are all chains typically filled with business people on expense account or tourists who don't know better.

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        Thanks Gin, for the back up on the name but they should really try the Kobe Steak I have had it elsewhere and its expensive but it should be tasted once. Enjoy :)

      2. I really like providence prime (which frank apparently doesn't consider a steakhouse) on atwells ave. they have a good wine list, good beer on draught, and a really nice selection of dishes so everyone can enjoy it. also atwells ave on saturday night has pleanty of lounges and bars for after dinner shenanigans!

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        1. Well its interesting anyway I just was trying to help someone. so in MY opinion and a few more Ten Prime Steak and Sushi is hands down better than the Now 5 of them.

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            As a vegetarian, I can't speak of the steaks, but the wine prices at Providence Prime blow the doors off 10 Prime, which are straight-up ridiculous. My crew has boycotted Elkhay places, in general.

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              prime also hans happy hour food specials everyday (even th weekend) from 4pm-6:30pm, 1/2 shell oysters and necks as well as shrimp cocktail for $1 each, and a generous bar menu on which all items are $6. not to mention the comp house made kettle chips served at the bar.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. In Newport, fantastic steak at 22 Bowen. Expensive, though..check out the menu on their website. if this was my last nite before training, I would want 22 Bowen!!

              A second less expensive alternative would be the "cowboy" steak at Brick Alley Pub ...excellent value for a steak!