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Mar 4, 2010 07:42 AM

Italian Restaurants in Philly? (moved from Wine board)

Traveling to Philly this weekend and wanted to find a great local Italian spot. We are staying at the Sofitel Hotel so anything close would be perfect but a short drive is ok. I have heard that most Italian spots in Philly are BYOB...Is this true? Thanks.

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  1. you should post this in the philly forum.

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    1. Check out Dolce. We had a group there for my birthday last year, and they have a full bar or BYO. I think they actually waived the corkage for us, and we had about 12 bottles. Food was damn good too! Cheers! -mJ

      1. BEst Italian restaurant in Philly right now is Vetri, snd best (in our opinion) would be Osteria. We alsolike La Famiglia very much.