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Mar 4, 2010 07:28 AM

looking for good brunch spot in FQ with alfresco dining?

how is cafe amelie?

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  1. It's lovely, and the food is very good, but they don't usually serve the dishes typically associated w/New Orleans brunch (although it seems they did in the beginning). I've had the BLT and the cochon de lait sandwiches as well as the crabcake at brunch; my husband has had a very tasty roast beef sandwich, and we've both enjoyed the salads. Someone told me they have a great lamb sandwich. I love their signature drink, the Amelie, basically a mojito w/vodka instead of rum.

    On a beautiful day, the gorgeous courtyard is just a fabulous place to dine (or have a couple of drinks).

    1. Their courtyard, hands down, is the most beautiful in the city IMHO.

      1. if you're willing to go Uptown, try Martinique Bistro or Dante's.
        in Qtr., check out Bayona.
        not sure if you're looking for a Sat/Sun brunch or just any day.

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        1. The food is good, the ambiance is awesome.

          1. If the weather is iffy, the bistro at maison de ville has a patio with a tent, food would be better there. And Bayona has a small patio, not sure if the do brunch though. ch