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Mar 4, 2010 07:25 AM

Early lunch Uptown Charlotte, please?

Traveling from Triangle to Charlotte for weekday basketball tournament, making a stop at Hilton Center City on E 3rd ST then meeting a group at Loft 1523 on Elizabeth AV. Hoping to find a spot for 11AM-ish lunch within walking distance of either place to minimize navigating & parking. I saw the Queen's U thread but wonder if you can suggest something within a 10 min walk from my stops.

Prefer under $25/person including drink+tax+tip
No BBQ or 'New Orleans'
Seafood or 'Soul' are first choices but geography, cost and great chow are main criteria. Many thanks!

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  1. What time are you meeting at Loft 1523? I don't think it opens until 5:00, so I'm assuming you're really looking for lunch near the Hilton? If so, there are tons of places within walking distance of the Uptown (as downtown is referred to in Charlotte) Hilton. For southern, most people rave about Mert's Heart and Soul (214 N. College Street - about 4 blocks from the Hilton). I don't like it as much as most do. There's a McCormick and Schmick's on Tryon Street, about 2 blocks from the Hilton. A chain, but not too bad. BLT Steak in the new Ritz Carlton is close by, if you want something more upscale. Ratcliffe on the Green is probably your best bet, also on Tryon Street, just a couple of blocks from the Hilton. Innovative menu that utilizes lots of local ingredients.

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      Thanks much - edited title to change from down to UPtown & added the 1PM meeting time at Loft 1523. Lunch at Ratcliffe sounds great and fits the price constraint

      1. re: AreBe

        But it doesn't open until 5. I think even later on the weekend.

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          Thanks, but this is an Elon U. event before the tournament - may not be open to the general public. And I'm no vegetarian, but I'm thinking a soup or salad then the veggie plate at Ratcliffe sounds great, or is one or more of their mains a not-to-miss item?