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Mar 4, 2010 07:18 AM

Any good local dining in Yuba City?

We are going to the Sutter Buttes to hike. We will be staying in Yuba City. We would rather eat at small local places- even "dives". In other words decor not necessary. Any good taquerias?

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  1. Can't help you much on taquerias. There's a good handful of them. I've only tried a couple. Los Charros was pretty good.

    Speaking of the local Mexican-American population, some of them intermarried with men from the Punjab who came to Yuba City a few generations ago. Rasul's El Ranchero served up some tasty Punjabi-Mexican food until it closed (roti quesadilla or chicken curry tamales, anyone?). If you can find someplace else that's doing this particular fusion, it's worth a try. Definitely unique.

    Failing that, there's some decent straight-up Indian food. I enjoyed Star of India the one time I ate there.

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      Don't overlook Yuba City's next door neighbor Marysville, home to the very lovely and stylish Brick coffee shop and general central meeting spot for the folks of this town. Saw a new Thai place in downtown Marysville that would be worth a look see too.

      There are plenty dives in Marysville, plus a good bit of historic funk like the Silver Dollar Saloon. This town is a vastly under-appeciated place to call home - historic buildings, tree-lined streets, nice homes and a pretty deadly collection of dining options, yet a few do shine here.

      Used to have a large Chinese community and a splendid old Chinese temple near the river -some Chinese restaurants remain in this area but none of distinction so go for the history aspects of the visit..

    2. I haven't tried it yet, but some friends raved about a place called Cilantro's. Here's a link to the yelp page for it... looks promising

      1. Bumping this discussion up....are there any good spots for lunch in Yuba City? I'll be in the area this coming Saturday. Would love to try some Punjabi-Mexican fusion if that exists....any suggestions?

        Dave MP

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          The Punjabi-American Friendship Society two-three day gathering on Memorial Day Weekend is a foodie destination well worth the journey. Deserves a spot on the calendar.

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            Try Five Rivers- straight up Punjabi food, nice sit down place. If you can , go for Sunday brunch and ask for the scrambled eggs ( anda burji) with parathas. We are from India originally and we always make it a point to grab brunch before we head back to the Bay Area. Love the flavors in those eggs.