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Mar 4, 2010 06:59 AM

Gastropub Recommendations

I'm in search of pub/bar recommendations (Irish influence) who have better than usual pubfare food and most importantly, great pints of Guinness. If the pint rules than please lead the way. Has anyone had a memorable pint recently, and if so, where? Thanks.

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  1. 2 very different suggestions, neither is Irish...
    Shortys around 42/9th dozens of beers on tap and great philly cheese steaks, not really irish in inspiration more college fratty
    Highlands in West Village, fab food - not sure about beer but the scotch selection is outstanding. More upscale

    1. The prototypical gastropub, the Spotted Pig, has Guinness on tap I believe. St. Andrews in the Times Square/Midtown area has a nice selection of scotch and tap beers. Some have said the food there is pretty good, although I have only had drinks there.

      1. let's start by finding out which ones you've been we can rule them out.

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          Gastropub has various explanations as I've searched this topic online. My main concern is finding the "perfect pint" to enjoy with good food. I will be visiting the city for four days so there really are no places to rule out. I plan on heading to the Spotted Pig but was also trying to find other recommendations where the Guinness is noted as being the best one could expect here vs. in Ireland. Thanks for your comments.

        2. you are looking for spotted pig

          1. I'm not 100% sure what you're asking about the food. Do you want pub fare that's good? Or do you want food that's beyond pub fare?

            Anyway, some very fine guinness is poured at Molly's. The food there is good... the burgers are excellent, but it's irish pub food. Obviously spotted pig has been mentioned, but it's not Irish.

            There's a new place down on John street which is pretty good... The Open Door. I got sliders there once and they were pretty enjoyable. Though, truth be told, I was really there for the guinness and wasn't really critiquing the food.

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              I'm visiting with foodies and The Spotted Pig is a place we'll be visiting as reviews have been rewarding. We're trying to accommodate each others concerns: food, wine, cocktails, art, etc. We all can appreciate the finest of burgers, fish & chips, etc., but it is I who is in search of a memorable pint of Guinness even if it's just for the Guinness at this point.

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                If it is really all about the pour, you might check out the beer board for some ideas.