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Mar 4, 2010 06:56 AM

Best meal for $10 and under in Baltimore?

To all Baltimore foodies, what was the best meal you have had for $10 or under?

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  1. I've been to Schezuan House multiple times with groups and I don't think it's ever cost more than $10 per person. I know it's not as authentic as Grace Garden, but for more Americanized Chinese food it's one of the best in the area.

    Also the lamb schwarma at King's Grilled Kebob in Hamden. They serve it with the best pita in the city.

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    1. The shrimp souvlaki wrap at Samos. YUM!

      1. Alexander's Tavern- crab tater tots. I didn't say it was good for you but a MUST try!
        I just went to Clementines for lunch on Harford Road..VERY inexpensive (under 10) and Great food!

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          The Real Thing -->412 York Road in Towson. Best Steak/Provolone Subs. Owner runs the shop and cooks everything. 20+yrs of business.

        2. Well there's Pioneer but that's too easy. Also easy is a specific fried chicken place in Lex Market against the back wall that has "spicy" as an option. I know I'm too vague, but their wings blew me away (they're more akin to Popeye's but more home-made). I'll make an effort next time I'm up to get the name again (and to confirm).

          1. Quarter chicken meal with sweet plantains and pinto beans at Chicken Rico and a bottle of the chica morada (purple corn/cinnamon/pineapple drink).

            That, or 3 tacos from Tortilleria Sinaloa (my preference: carnitas, lengua and fish).