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Mar 4, 2010 06:39 AM

Broadway Ripoff

I wonder why people frequent Broadway Market. I went in for some soup at their "hot food" bar. It was cold out. I was desperate so I chose to go there in hopes they'd have something edible. They had Italian Wedding Soup.The price was ridiculous, but I thought "well I'll pay it this time because I really don't want to walk elsewhere to get lunch." I get back to the office to eat it and I realize...they took CAMPBELLS Italian Wedding Soup and threw it into a pot and sold it as if it was homemade!! Ridiculous! Had I known, I would have walked to Au Bon Pain instead. The soup would've been cheaper, and even though it's by no means that great, it would've been better than Broadway. I've also tried their hot/cold food bar and the food is not even worthy of me feeding to a stray cat. Has anyone actually had anything good at this place? The prices are just absolutely ridiculous and the quality does not match the pricing structure so I'm curious. Am I missing something?

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  1. Yikes, that sounds awful. When I used to work nearby I'd go for lunch pretty often - the sandwiches and prepared foods behind the counter were pretty good - nothing amazing but one of the better options near the Yard. The salad bar was always a bit dicey, but it did have decent cut-up fruit in it. I also liked a few of the bakery items - good stuff from Iggy's and some brownies and cookies that were satisfying in a trashy way. And they had good fruit in the produce section.
    That was quite a few years ago though and when I've gone in more recently it seems like the prices have steadily crept upwards and nothing has looked very tempting. That hot-food bar in particular does look sketchy - like the food had congealed even before it sat for hours in the steam trays.

    1. I work very close by, and go to BM every now and then. I confess that their prices do put me off a lot of the time, but I do occasionally like to have their antipasto bar (I highly rate the spring rolls). The other bars perhaps not so much. Also, to their credit, I find that their produce is really fresh, and when I've had to ask questions in the past, they've been pretty helpful in that department.

      In any case, I'm playing devil's advocate mostly because it's my local, but I can definitely see why it can be a frustrating experience, especially in terms of price.

      1. I have to say, I would rather trek to Market in the Square. Their prices, again high, but at least their quality seems better than Broadway's. I'm so over Broadway. I have given them multiple chances and the benefit of the doubt, but no longer. I think they are horrendous and the pricing is ridiculous for the quality you get.

        1. It is too expensive, but their baked goods are fine, especially early in the am when the ham and cheese croissant is still warm (they just finish the baking but the supplier is good) -and I like their huge, dense, artificially tasty lemon poppyseed muffin as well. I used to like the pumpkin muffin when they had it, but most recently it had way too much cinnamon and not enough pumpkin flavor. It beats the case at Starbucks, and I agree their pricey produce is generally quite good.

          Note also that Savenor's on Kirkland is just a 5-10 minute walk away and provides much greater value at the high end price point (B&R baguettes, for example).