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Mar 4, 2010 06:20 AM

Real Bread

Any European-style, artisanal (real) bread being baked in the Austin area? Caliber of Sullivan Street in NYC or Acme in SanFran? Just moved to the Hill Country and will drive any distance.

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    1. There is an artisanal bread maker at the farmer's market at Berger Stadium on Saturday morning. He makes all the bread himself and usually has several different types and flavors. It is fabulous and definitely worth the trip.

      1. Thanks to you both. I had searched for a bread thread and missed the one you recommended. It confirmed what I suspected. But what about Bona Dea bread? I found note of it on Edible Austin. AND J, if you can tell me more about the baker I'd appreciate it. I'm new to the area and don't know about the Sat. FM at Berger. I'm willing to drive if the bread guy is fairly regular.

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          New Bread Rising is the artisanal bread baker at the Sunset Valley Farmers market. He is pretty regular. He says his bread is hand kneaded and is slow rise, using lots of organic ingredients. Huge variety. Pricey but the real deal.

        2. Funny, I've lived in Austin 15 years and noticed the lack of good bakeries early on. And I'm comparing it to Milwaukee, which no one would think of as gourmet - however, we had a lot of mom & pop European bakeries with consistent, yummy rolls. Hard rolls are a classic, along with kaiser rolls, semolina buns and onion buns. I haven't found equivalents in Austin. How "weird" is that? :)

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            I wonder if it is the water? I don't know much about making bread, but I think our water is very alkaline.

          2. The bread maker is a regular and the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market is worth the trip. He makes the bread each week and has at least 8-10 different varieties from rosemary to chocolate. There is also a Greek guy who makes his grandmother's hummus that is the best hummus I've ever tasted, as well as many other natural and organic vendors. They are open year round every sat from 9-1. I believe they have a website for directions

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              thanks for tip! will definitely check this out. one more question: how does the SVFMarket breadman wrap his bread? does it come in plastic or paper? We saw some ok-looking bread yesterday at Central Mkt/San Antonio but but when we touched it was as limp as old tulip.