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Mar 4, 2010 06:07 AM

Need QUIET! recommendation for sunday brunch meeting for 3 anywhere south of Times Square

In Manhattan, Sunday, March 15 for a midday meeting with 2 scholars. One is very hard of hearing and we need a quaint quiet place. This is about spreading our stuff out on a table and making decisions for an upcoming project we're working on.

Suggestions please on where to eat. We're from Atlanta, Philly, and London, so we're open. One in the group is a vegan, but the other two are open to anything. Not looking for a fancy, pricey Sunday brunch place. Earthy, and casual, and again, very quiet, if that's possible.

Many thanks in advance for all your suggestions.


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  1. Not sure how far "south of Times Square" you're willing to go (down to the Village? SoHo?), so I'll pick something within walking distance: Evergreen Shanghai Restaurant and Lounge.

    Yes, it's Chinese, so no pancakes or French toast for brunch. Yes, there are better Chinese restaurants very close by. But, boy is this place quiet. And, with two floors of seating, lots of room to spread out. Menupages says they're open on Sundays, but I've only been during the week, so give 'em a call if you decide to go.