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ISO: Salted Caramels in toronto

I'm dying for some salted caramels...the harmonious blend of complex flavors - rich smooth chocolate, soft buttery caramel and the unexpected boldness of the salt. Fran's Salted Caramels in Seattle were outstanding! unfortunately stupid me didn't buy enough boxes to take home, and they don't ship to Canada.

is there any place in toronto that offers a similar product?

fyi: Fran's Salted Caramels are the fave treats of the Obamas, and i can see why!

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  1. I've been wondering about this, too. I picked up a little (very expensive!) box of Fran's chocolate covered salted caramels at Whole Foods in Santa Fe a few weeks ago. They are truly amazing!

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      My wife and I LOVE salted caramels. The best we've had were purchased from Jean Talon market in Montreal. They were expensive but amazing falvour. They didn't have the crunchy salt on the outside; the salt was mixed throughout. I beleive they were imported from France and made with fleur de sel. I googled and found the following but I'm not sure if this was the brand. http://www.sel-de-re.tm.fr/en/index.p...

      Any high-end chocolate shop has caramels with salt, usually chocolate covered. Recently, we've had them from the following:

      Soma (fleur de sel caramel covered in chocolate


      Stubbe (from website - Caramel & Sea Salt - chewy caramel with sprinkles of coarse Fleur de Sel, covered in dark chocolate

      Odile Chocolat - a new place on Dundas, a couple blocks west of bathurst on the south side - really good fleur de sel caramels covered in chocolate.

      They are all VERY expensive but worth it for a treat once in a while. If I bring some home for my wife, I am pretty much guaranteed a very pleasant evening ;-)

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        you sound like a great husband acd123! out of the places you have listed Odile chocolat is the closest to my place. i'm going to try to make it down there this week, and hopefully Montreal before summer ends (just for the SC). thank you!

    2. They have a salted caramel chocolate at Xococava at Yonge and St. Clair. Pretty tasty!

      1. Willams-Sonoma sells some French Flur De Sel caramels that are pretty good, you'll just have a seizure when you see the price.

        1. Sen5es has a really nice salted caramel chocolate (and truffle). but not just plain caramel...!

          1. The best (IMHO) are the fleur de sel caramels at Soma. The quality of the both the chocolate and the amazing caramel are amazing.

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              For Valentine's day we did a tasting of every salted caramel I could find in Toronto.
              The clear winner was Soma.

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                wow! that sounds like my kind of valentines day! which places did you end up trying? what price points were you seeing?

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                  I basically toured my 'regular' chocolate route:
                  Queen St East (includes Distillery); Bayview/Mt Pleasant south of Eglinton, Dupont/Dundas West and Yonge & St Clair - about 8-10 places total. I deliberately ignored Yonge/Bloor (another half dozen) as most of these are commercial outlets of (mostly) foreign chocolatiers and the stock can be suspect (and usually not worth the cost - these had been ruled out in previous years tastings).
                  Prices averaged around $1.50 to $2.00 per piece but were as high as $4 at the new French chocolatier on St Clair just West of Yonge (Dahso) - which incidentally came in bottom place! Soma was average cost. Mt Pleasant was the cheapest for a 'quality' product - but let's face it, we weren't interested in 2nd place anyway.

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                    sounds great. thanks so much. Distillary is fairly close to me too. can't wait.

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                      Just an update: i had the salted caramel at Ambiance Chocolate (753-A Queen Street East) in Leslieville. i tried one of each of the flavours they had there (dark choc covered, mild choc covered) and 2 other types of caramel (rose and red wine; salted jalepeno i think). overall they were ok. the caramel filling was too liquidy. and once it gave away there was a rather large crystal of salt in the middle, so i was sucking on what felt like a salt cube.

                      i also tried Leonida's Chocolates. there was too much chocolate, and the caramel wasn't very caramelly or salty.

                      the search continues...

              2. salted caramels. they are a wonderful thing.
                thank you everyone for the recommendations, i'm going to make it a goal to try them all before the month is up. I'm in Fran's SC withdrawl, hopefully one of these places will do the trick.

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                  Not as high class as some of the recommendations, but I really like the Pink Himalayan Salt caramels from Purdys (there are a couple in malls around Toronto and you can order online). A box of them (some dark chocolate, some milk) is about $15.

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                    thanks for the rec! i love pink salt.

                2. In a pinch, I also like the salted caramels from President's Choice. They are coated in dark chocolate and rock salt.

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                    For the price ($5 for a box) I agree these are decent, maybe a little salty but enjoyable. Obviously not in the same league as Soma. But I thought they were a Christmas-only item?

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                      I thought so too but I recently saw them at Loblaw at Yonge & York Mills and they were not on clearance or anything so I am assuming they are either an all year thing or an Easter thing? Has anyone else seen them?

                      I guess I don't think that they are too salty because I tend to like things on the salty side (as long as it is good salty and not table-salt-iodized overkill)

                  2. Just call Fran's. They ship to Canada, for 20 bucks or so. I did that last year... Marvelous packaging with ice packs, bubble wraps, etc :)
                    Godiva used to have a very limited edition salted caramel truffle, it is the only truffle there that is edible, and it rivals Fran's salted caramels.
                    And I second that Soma recommendation.

                    1. update: Soma's salted caramels are the best in the city. Very similar to Frans in Seattle, but they don't use Grey salt, Soma uses Fleur de sel. a very smooth and chewy caramel that slowly dissolves in the mouth. They are $2 a piece and i got a box of them.
                      i also grabbed a bunch of other items (maybe too much?... about $100 worth of chocolate! haha). will report back if others are interested.

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                        Welcome to the Soma fan club! Those caramels are both evil and wonderful. For a slightly different experience, try the caramel with the feuilletine coating. Instead of the fleur de sel, they finish the caramel by rolling them in these super thin crispy cookie bits. Yum.

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                          O_O I luurrrve feuilletine.... so. good.

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                          Thanks to this thread, I picked up some caramels from Soma for the first time recently. And of course along with some other good things there, which is always hard to resist.

                          I was actually expecting a more liquid filling, a style I am more familiar with. Love their caramel taste and the only gripe is, I thought the caramel itself was not salty enough, tasting the salt with the chocolate does not do much for me. Or is it not meant to be that way?

                          Because of the preference for a more runny filling, I am thinking of trying Ambiance next. How were they aside from the consistency?

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                            Ah, if it's a runny filling you like, then you might want to check out Xococava's caramels. I don't like their caramels because they are liquid, rather than soft and chewy. :)

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                              Runny filling at Frangipane. Haven't been there in a while, but their version is luscious...hope they still have them!

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                                So there is something for everyone regardless of taste -- thanks TJ and others who gave me the tips! Will try Xococava and Ambiance soon definitely (I pass by these areas more often), and put the rest on my list.

                                By the way, I first fell in love with caramel-filled chocolates when I had them from Geneviève Grandbois, which was hard to match, as I eventually learned. Just the right ratio of filling and chocolate, the right ooziness and amount of salt. And the intensity of the caramel itself -- in fact I was impartial to caramel all my life until then. It is nice to know Toronto offers some choices too!

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                                Also, the fleur de sel caramels at Stubbe on Dupont at Christie have a more runny filling. They're really good.

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                                  if u like the runny filling - try the ones at Ambiance, Leonidas (it's only 2-3 blocks east), and Xococvas.

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                                    Another place with runny filling is Delight in the Junction. We just had some over the weekend. Delish... Try their ice cream too.

                                2. I just bought 5 salted caramels at Xococava -- overall they are very tasty although the caramel taste could have popped a bit more (the dark chocolate overpowered the delicate caramel salt flavour IMO). They are worth a try -- but at over 11 BUCKS (!) for a box of five small ones (that incl. tax) it's a bit rich for my blood....

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                                    It's definitely a treat more than a regular thing. I love sampling different chocolates - and the little tasting box lets you do it.