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Mar 4, 2010 05:06 AM


Hello, newly gluten-free with a possible celiac diagnosis. Looking for some gluten-free shopping and restaurants. Live in NE Philly but willing to travel all over.

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  1. It takes a while to adjust, but really isn't that bad once you get the hang of it. For shopping, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have a lot of gluten free options. I also get a lot of stuff at the Giant in Willow Grove. It has a large selection of gluten free snacks, cereals, baking mixes, etc. I know the smaller Giant in Abington doesn't have this stuff, but I don't know about other area stores.

    For restaurants, you just have to ask. Most places have at least some gluten-free items. At many restaurants, when we've called ahead, they have given us a separate menu, or a menu marked with the items that are ok or can be modified--all the Garces restaurants know what they are doing, as does Bar Ferdinand, Koo Zee Doo, Bibou, and Sazon. There is also Jules Thin Crust in Jenkintown for GF pizza.

    Also, check out this blog:

    1. I just made a post about it, but Sweet Freedom Bakery on South st and 14th st has a lot of gluten free desserts and cakes etc and a small selection of sandwiches.

      Gianna's on 6th and south st also has some gluten free options I believe but they're not a completely totally gluten free place like SFB.

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        You have mentioned twice that Sweet Freedom is on South Street and 14th Street, but I think you mean it is on the 1400 block of South Street, which is between Broad and 15th Street.

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          Ehh according to google maps you're right, and there is no 14th street, how weird. But yes, SF is on South Street between 13th and 15th AKA the 1400 block

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              and I thought 13 was the unlucky number...

              Apologies, recent transplant to the Illadelph.

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              Broad Street is actually "14th street".

        2. I understood his point.

          1. It might be a drive for you, but we recently just tried Melodia Grill in Souderton, pa. (


            They have a really great menu and our food was delicious. Their food is all organic and they have a great gluten free section.

            Good luck!

            1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been on gluten free Philly, it's a pretty good blog. They are having a restaurant night at Casona in Collingswood, NJ this Thursday.
              They have a whole gluten free menu. So I will review it after I eat there.

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                My son, Grandaughter and niece are all on GF diets. Trader Joes & Whole foods have great GF sections. The Giant supermarket on Rt 113 in Souderton has just been expanded and I noticed last night a whole 1/2 aisle of GF, Fresh, Frozen and boxed.