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Mar 4, 2010 04:34 AM

Recs for multi-gen family friendly restaurant near Capitol

Best friend from grade school in town with her kids (7 and 9 ish?) and parents and husband. Looking for a few options for budget friendly and adventurous eating on Capital Hill or nearby. Preference for Ethiopian or Moroccan has been expressed. I was also thinking about something like Banana Leaves (if they're still around). Will be eating around 5 on a Friday night so need to avoid watering holes. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. Don't go to Banana Leaves...I personally think the food there is horrible.

    The new Zest in Eastern Market is really good. There is also Matchbox and Cava, which could work. There isn't a whole lot of Ethiopian and Moroccan on the Hill.

    For Thai you can check out Old Siam.

    1. I immediately thought Monmartre until I saw the Ethiopian or Moroccan... I think Cava might be good and a little more ethnic.

      1. Souk, at 1208 H Street NE, is Moroccan. The owner learned to cook from his mother and grandmother. Real down home Mediterranean. Great prices, hole in the wall. I've had great meals there. Best babaganoush I've ever eaten.

        That section of H Street is kind of torn up right now because of construction but the kids might enjoy watching that anyway. You can still get to the restaurants from the ends of the blocks behind the jersey barriers.
        Souk is in the final stages of getting their liquor license and may not have it yet.

        1. with kids I echo Cava and Matchbox (but I don't know the NE options)

          plenty of choices and finger foods to pick through (so to speak) Cava's zucchini fritters WILL get your kids to eat their vegetables.

          1. Thank you - these are all great ideas and all new to me. Will report back.