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Mar 3, 2010 09:55 PM

Are there any Peruvian-Chinese (chifa) in Tampa?

I know of Arco-Iris even if it's more Cuban-Chinese, but I remember a place on Armenia that's I believe next to a meat shop (Cacciatore Bros maybe?). I think it had the name Bella in it but I could be wrong, it's not that far past Kennedy turning onto Armenia, a real small place that could easily be passed without noticing it.

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  1. You're right, there is a place on Armenia...I drive by it all the time but can't remember the name. If you try it, I'd love to hear about it.

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      So I went to try it the other weekend. Apparently there lunch specials are only on certain days. I got this dish which I forget the name of, but was basically a choice of chicken or pork (what I got, but was maybe 8 thin slices of pork somewhat similar to char siu) in this thin, sweet red sauce (it reminds me of this dish my grandma makes but with porkchop and a thicker ketchup base sauce) with several vegetables. I have a picture but I took it on a friends iPhone and have to get it from him. It came with a bowl of rice and was $9.99 which I felt wasn't really worth it.

      My friend got chicken milanesa which was pretty good (also with rice and a small house salad) for $10.99.

      We got water...but they gave us bottles and charged us $1 each. If I had known they'd charged I wonder if they would've given tap water. All in all I think I'll go back there for the lunch specials and maybe get the regular dishes once I know the translation.

    2. armenia south of kennedy?? go there and do a review! I'm interested to hear if its good.

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        It is north of Kennedy. I have seen it a few times but never had the time to stop and go in. I think that the sign for it is painted on the side of the building. I would love for someone to go and try it. I am not even sure what the food would be like.

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          Alright so I finally found the place, again, it's north of Kennedy on Armenia. The place is called Bella Fe and it's next to this (I believe) now closed convenience store/"meat market".

          The address is 2412 North Armenia Ave, Tampa FL 33607

          Phone # is (813) 872-0999.

          Now I didn't eat there because I ran there with my roommate and we had no money on us (I was hoping they'd have a take out menu). The interior was sparse with tables, a section where I assume they sometimes do buffet, etc. I looked at the menu briefly and they had lunch specials for $5.99 (I forgot if they were at certain times, maybe 11:30-3PM) and the highest entree was I think $11.99. Since most of it was in Spanish, I didn't know what everything was even if they had some pictures.

          Also, I looked at their hours and they typically open at 11AM and close at 8PM.

          It's right past Palmetto and on the way a block or so south also on Armenia, is this wonderful looking gem:

          I'll eat at Bella Fe some day.

          Bella Fe Restaurant
          2412 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607

          1. re: rayzhou

            I too was struck by the cool looking Castillo's. However, my wife and I went there for lunch and found it to be slighly below-average cuban. Also, somehow, it was just not as charming to eat at as it is to look at. That whole area just seems like it should have more good places to eat than it does. At the end of the day, I just always go to the Noho Cafe for lunch in that immediate area.

      2. i had peruvian lo mein at a place in the same strip as China Yuan (it may have been called Costa Verde). not sure if it is still there. the lo mein was good, if rather oily.

        1. There's this place called El Caballero De Los Mares which is a Peruvian Restaurant. They have the BEST Chifa in Tampa. it is also very reasonably priced! They're Facebook is and their website is