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Mar 3, 2010 07:20 PM

Epic Burger? Is it good?

A friend told me to go to Epic Burger and that they have really good burgers. Is that true?? I love big juicy burgers that are mouth watering good! Someone tell me please!!!! Thanks!

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  1. They're okay, I wouldn't go out of my way for them. I've been there about 5 times only because I work pretty close. The burgers are flat (not necessarily a bad thing, sort of like steak and shake, just not big or juicy) but tend to be very, very greasy, which destroys the bottom bun and doesn't necessarily do a lot for the taste. I think the flavor is decent but nothing different or exciting. The fries are good, better than most places.

    For the same $10 you could get a burger at Kuma's, the Gage, or Five Guys that would be way better in my opinion.

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      Similar response here. Burgers are flavorful enough but more of the "smash" burger type; the last time I asked for "rare" I was told their lawyers disallowed that and I had to settle for medium. Kuma's remains a favorite along with Edzo's half-pounder, and if I'm in the South Loop, I'd probably wind up at Hackney's rather than Epic if I were looking for a burger.

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        I agree as well. I went a couple times because my office is near but haven't been back in ages. Their fries are better than the burgers.

        Marc Burger on the 7th floor of Macy's is my favorite loop burger.

        I'd go to Hackney's, SRO, Miller's Pub or Poag Mahone's before Epic.

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          Marc Burger is good as well. I didn't have a great burger at Miller's Pub but I'll try again based on the recent recommendations.

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            The Marc is my wife's favorite downtown burger (and she's a big burger fan).

      2. I haven't been to Epic. But I have been to Miller's Pub. They have big, juicy hamburgers - actually cooked to order. I like mine rare. It got it completely rare inside. I would 100% recommend that to you if you are staying in the downtown area.

        1. I like the Epic burger a lot for what it is, a pan-fried patty of beef with decent bread and fresh toppings. I wouldn't compare it to a restaurant-style (i.e. Kuma's burger). But when I'm craving it, there's nothing else that will compare. And there's always the convenience factor, there's easily a two hour wait at Kuma's on most weekends.

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            True, but let's not underestimate the power of a good beer list to work your way through while you wait.