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Mar 3, 2010 07:18 PM

Anyone tried Oysy Sushi?

Has anyone tried Oysy Sushi in downtown? How was it? I like specialty rolls and deep fried roll.s Do they have that? Is the place good and worth going to? I had a friend tell me it was good. I am trying to decide between Sushi Samba and Oysy Sushi for a dinner next week. Please help with comments or suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. Oysy is good but we generally go there for very basic rolls and takeout. I'm not sure whether either place has deep fried rolls, unless you're just referring to rolls with tempura shrimp/crab etc. Sushi Samba is a completely different atmosphere- it's more of a lively feel and the menu is much more extensive, offering much more beyond sushi or rolls. Some of my favorites are the yellowtail taquitos, sea bass with miso, rock shrimp etc. So, I think it really depends on what you're looking for, Oysy will be much cheaper too, but if you're looking for more of a variety and more atmosphere- I'd go with Sushi Samba or better yet, with Sunda.

    1. Oysy is okay. It's really pricey for what you end up getting, but the atmosphere is nice for a date or impressing friends. For a similar but more tasty restaurant, I like Friends Sushi. At least there, even if the prices are similar, I feel like I get more bang for my buck in terms of quantity and creativity -- their menu is much wider, their servings are larger.
      Sushi Samba I love but it is definitely not a strict sushi place. It has Latin-fusion and straight up Latin food as well. It's also really loud!

      1. Oysy is my go-to sushi place. It is good, basic sushi. They do have a wide variety of specialty rolls, but no deep fried rolls. Sushi Samba has more of a loungy/trendy feel. The food is more different: with Latin/South American influence. The cocktails at Sushi Samba are really good (not so at Oysy).