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Mar 3, 2010 06:34 PM

Recommendation for solo dining near the W Downtown?

Hello. I'm heading to Atlanta for business and have one night free without colleagues. I'm staying at the W Downtown and interested in dining options relatively nearby with really good food. Not focused on any particular cuisine and casual to higher end is fine (don't mind pricey, but don't want to dress up).

I see there's a BLT Steak in the hotel which is any easy option and Pittypat's Porch is nearby. Thought I saw a recent show on Pittypat's, but can't recall if that is a good option or has seen it's heyday come and go. Appreciate any thoughts.

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  1. My foodie friend loves the Atlanta version of BLT Steak. Just as good as NYC he says.

    I would stay away from Pittypat's.

    Room at Twelve is around the corner and FAB (French American Brasserie) is across the street. FAB would be good for solo dining.

    1. BLT wouldn't be a bad option and if you're REALLY not wanting to go anywhere, I'd pick that. If you're willing to take a bit of a drive (not too far really) I'll copy and paste from one of my earlier posts.

      Look for: Ormsby's, Abbatoir, Bacchanalia, Miller Union, spoon, 5 Seasons Westside, Taqueria Del Sol, JCT Kitchen & Bar, Bocado.

      1. Social Resto ( is right around the corner from the W and has excellent French food and cozy atmosphere. Great wine list too.

        1. So Social, Room at 12 and FAB all look great (as does BLT Steak, but it's not my favorite in NY, so not sure I'm that jazzed about it in Atlanta). Any thoughts between the three as all look good. As noted: great food is first priority. Second priority would be a comfortable bar/chef's counter to eat at. I don't mind solo dining, but prefer to be at a comfortable bar/counter seat where you can chat with bartender or watch the kitchen.

          Also, Room at 12 looked a little night clubish which isn't my scene for dinner (not sure if you've been to Butter in NY, but thought food was mediocre and it was more about the scene than anything).


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            ROOM has a great mixologist on staff and has a nice sushi menu. Social has a far more eclectic and European menu. FAB is just that - fabulous, try the skate wing, mussels or white bean soup. At ROOM, you can see the kitchen from the dining room.

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              Don't forget that Drinkshop is right there in the W. I've only been a couple of times but I really liked what they were doing. FWIW, that was earlier in the evening w/ no crowd.

            2. re: teejaymoore

              FAB is great for french food, it used to be called Brasserie La Coze and was an Atlanta/Buckhead institution. Rathbun's and Kevin Rathbun Steaks are both great, the meat at KRS is from Allen Brothers in Chicago, if you go to Rathbun's over KRS, don't go with beef, it is not the same as next door -- the lamb looks awesome though.The Bacchanalia group is always a good choice which includes: Bacchanalia, Quinones, Abattoir, Floataway, and Provisions to go: most of these are off of Howell Mill, except Floataway. You should go to Bacchanalia if you are most concerned with great food.

            3. If you're looking for a comfortable bar where you can see the kitchen and get fantastic food, Bacchanalia is the best choice, but it would require a cab ride. But seriously, this is a standout restaurant in Atlanta and worth the slight effort to get there.

              ROOM at 12 does not have a nighclub vibe from my experiences there, and I've always been happy with the food. And rcburli and chowbax are both spot on about the reco for FAB. Either of those would be good options if you don't want to take a taxi.