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Mar 3, 2010 06:09 PM

Best Doughnuts in Philly?

Hey folks,

I thought I'd throw this out there since I haven't seen any doughnut places really discussed. Does Philly even have a doughnut place? I'm thinking in the vein of Doughnut Factory in NYC where the doughnuts are freshly fried and filed with really tasty combinations (peanut butter + jelly doughnut = best dessert ever).

The only places I've seen doughnuts so far are in bakeries but they didn't look that fresh. Are there any hidden gems?

Any and all suggestions welcome, many thanks,


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  1. Frangelli's Bakery in South Philly, 9th & Ritner. The place is kind of a dump, but the jelly donuts are great. They don't fry them to order, but they do fill them to order.

    1. I like Yum Yum but it is in the 'burbs.

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        I have to second Yum Yum. Best donuts I've found in the area, and I can't really think of places outside the area that are better, either.

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          Hi. I will travel for a great cream donut - the kind where the cream doesn't taste commercial (not sure how else to describe it) and there is plenty of it. Do you think Yum Yum meets the taste test? Is it worth 1/2 hour car trip? I recently went to a bakery some people felt had the best donuts in the Philadelphia vicinity (not mentioned in this thread) and I was not impressed.

          By the way I agree that the Reading Terminal Donuts made for that special fall festival are great when they are warm. But the festival is only once a year. Thanks for any donut help.

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            They also make the donuts at Reading Terminal at the Dutch Festival the first weekend in August as well. But there really is not anything in Philly like the Donut Factory. There used to be a dump of a place on Juniper that made their own munchkin like donut holes called Lil' Spot that was pretty good though.

          2. re: JohnnyKBar

            Stopped at Yum Yum in Colmar early this evening for some donut nirvana. Asked for a coffee roll and even though there were two or three out front, the donut goddess who waited on me quickly stepped in back and got me a really really fresh one. Yeah like that roll was going to make it home intact. I didn't even try, but sat in my car and tried to eat that yummy pastry slowly. So hard not to just inhale it. :) I will try a creme filled donut someday maybe, but the coffee rolls and chocolate glazed donuts are heavenly. And they have monster donuts.

            1. re: Phillystudent44

              Agh Yum Yum looks perfect and I'm all about the 'burbs but their stores are just way too far North =( Is there anywhere in the city that sells their stuff?

          3. Suzy Jo in Bridgeport and apparently now in Royersford too.

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            1. Zebers (plymouth mtg) makes such a great cream filled powdered one!

              1. Go to the Reading Terminal Market during the PA Dutch days and other celebrations. The Amish make and fill them there fresh for events.

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                  I'd heard about this but isn't Dutch Day a semi-annual event? Plus I bet the day it happens is the day I'm stuck in Wisconsin or something

                  1. re: AgentRed

                    yes, but they made them for a "buy local" event too and maybe something else - definitely worth keeping an eye on the market schedule for!

                    1. re: Bigley9

                      Will do, plus I'm always looking for an excuse to visit RTM! Thanks,