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Quebec City next week!

I will be in QC from Monday to Friday with a friend next week (staying at the Frontenac) and I haven't been in about 15 years so I'm real excited! I've done my research, browsed the archived Chowhound threads and here's what I've got lined up for meals so far, reservations already placed:

*** Dinners:

Monday - Le Saint Amour
Tuesday - Panache
Wednesday - Le Patriarche
Thursday - Le Cremaillere

*** Breakfasts & Lunches:

Pain Béni
J.A. Moisan
Le Cafe De La Terrasse (Chateau Frontenac)

Just wondering if there's anything else I'm missing that I absolutely shouldn't, and if this sounds like a good meal itinerary for a first visit to the city after so many years?

Also, since I'll be planning specific activities and prebooking reservations for things like after-dinner caleche ride and so on, I'm just wondering how much time I should set aside for each of the dinners at the finer restaurants like Saint Amour, Panache, Patriarche, etc? Is dinner and drinks a full 2 hour affair with only two people?


PS - feel fre to lay any advice, suggestions or otherwise on me!

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  1. Also, apart from the Frontenac bar, are there any other "classic" bars in the city that serve good cocktails? How's Cafe Artefact at the Saint-Antoine- worth a visit? Also, does anyone know if visitors can make use of their ultra cool screening room to watch some classic movies at night w/o being an actual guest of the hotel?

    1. Wondering whether you considered Laurie-Raphael? Its been a number of years but we found it excellent.

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        Hi Jen,

        I have it down on my list as an alternative (along with Toast which seems a bit too trendy for my taste) but the problem is that we only have so many nights. From what I've seen and read, it sounds excellent and I'd like to give it a try. If only I had one more night!

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          Same with us, we loved it. Almost as good as A la Table de Serge Bruyere in its heyday. I'd love to go back.

        2. I would recommend the new 3S on st pierre street. New late bistro from Toast. Stay away from Italian in QC I am sorry to say... but no...

          For best coffee right now, NEKTAR is one up anyone, almost best of all of the province IMO. They also serve a mean filter coffee.

          Brunch at Clocher Penche is nice.

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          1. I visit Quebec city often and always make a stop at the Chocomusee Erico. It's a nice walk from where you're staying and is a must! http://www.chocomusee.com/ There's also an SAQ and small grocerie store on that block if you need anything else during your stay. Have fun!

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              This helped me, I did go see the museum and picked up a few chocolates. Thank you !

            2. Just want to thank everyone for all of the terrific advice and suggestions... Got back from QC last night and had an absolute blast and some of the best meals I've EVER eaten anywhere!

              We ended up going to Le Saint Amour on the very first night and it still remains the finest meal we've had in Quebec City, and possibly ever. Everything about this place is excellent, from the service to the setting to the exquisite preparation. I started with an incredibly savoury appetizer of foie gras stuffed ravioli with duck confit and vegetables in broth that was melt-in-your-mouth good! everything sounded so good, chosing what to order was an impossible task -- the giant shrimp seared with espelette pepper, butternut squash mousse, lobster bisque with coral and vanilla snowcrab flesh, etc. Next on the menu was the aged and grilled strip loin with stoved leek and wild boar potatoes, caramelized shallot and market green beans w/ long peppercorn braised juices. It was incredible! My friend had the red deer with peppercorn, poached pear, etc. And for dessert, I had a wildberry crème brulée. Overall: OUTSTANDING!

              The next morning, thanks to phyero's suggestion, we found ourselves at Le Lapin Sauté. I had breakfast on my mind, but after being seated and looking over the menu, I quickly changed direction... Ordered the rabbit pie with wild mushrooms, potatoes and shallots served with homemade fruit kethcup. YUM! I also had a french onion soup au gratin to start, and for dessert: a raspberry pudding with fresh cream and a cafe au lait. This was my first time trying rabbit meat and I was surprised at how lean and flavorful it was. It was the perfect brunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon walking it off in the old city to build our appetites back up for dinner.

              Night two led us to the cozy dining room of Auberge St-Antoine's Le Panache. An intimate heritage building of stone wall and massive wood beams set alongside the St Lawrence river. as we were seated beside a giant roaring fireplace on an L shaped divan with fur lined pillows and animal skin throws, it reminded me of the sort of place that Gaston from Beauty and The Beast might eat dinner! The food was excellent - we started with sweetbreads in a crispy cornmeal crust with chanterelle mushrooms and truffle sauce and a mouthwatering duck ravioli. My friend had the seafood teaser with marinated scallops, snow crab remoulade and butter poached lobster with lentils and bacon. For a main course, I had the Atlantic deep sea scallops, carmelized and with lemon butter emulsion and La Parte des Agnes liqueur. It was fantastic! My friend had the roasted guinea hen breast and almond stuffed leg which I didn't try, but looked even better! For dessert we had an enormous plate of homemmade ice creams and sorbets (the chocolate hazlenut and vanilla and hot buttered rum was outta this world!) and also a maple pecan and pine nut tart with almond milk ice cream. While nothing else on the trip will ever reach the zenith of our meal at Le Saint Amour... Panache was an outstanding choice and I was in heaven at the end of the night!

              The next morning we made the horrendous mistake of indulging in Le Chateau Frontenac's buffet breakfast at the Cafe de Terrasse. The mistake being that we received a room charge for $65! Luckily, I was able to knock this out at checkout by claiming my astonishment at the gastronomic breakfast bill, after barely filling our plates with a few selections of fruit and yogurt... Score one for us because in retrospect, this complimentary feast of crispy bacon strips and sausges, maple glazed ham and baked beans, Belgiam waffles with english cream, maple butter, syrups, cottage cheese, oatmeal, etc. was a pretty good bargain! though if I had paid the full price, I would have felt seriously ripped off! NO breakfast of bacon, eggs, etc is worth that much!

              We skipped lunch that day in favor of chilled champagne and vintage cabernets in our hotel room - a perfect afternoon! Just before sunset, we found ourselves sipping Manhattan ryes in the hotel's St-Laurent Bar before hopping a calèche to the Loews Le Concorde just outside of the fortified walls, to down a few gin and tonics in the scenic and panormaic rotating roof top bar. Not only was I zonked out at this point from an afternoon marathon of wine and liquor in our bathrobes, but now the room was spinning... literally! It was a really nice place for a conversation and a few drinks before (or after) dinner, but I wouldn't recommend it on the basis of the cocktails alone, which couldn't hold a stirrer to our hotel bar at the Frontenac. But it's worth it just for the scenic view of the city lights and St Lawrence river revolving around at night!

              From the Concorde, we hopped in a cab and headed to Le Patriarche back in the old city for dinner. It's hard to rate all of these restaurants in comparisson to one another (apart from the saint Amour which was definitely my favorite) but Le Patriarche was way up there on the list of memorable meals this past week! I had the five course tasting menu starting with a wild game consommé with sichuan pepper caribou ravioli, and delicious warm bread rolls stuffed with sundried tomatoe, herbs, bacon and cheeses. Next up was the scallops done three ways (everything is served as a trilogy) and they came marinated with chorizo cream and cuttlefish ink macaroon; mango scallop coulibiac with fennel mousse; and caramelized with ras el hanout, quinoa and smoked bacon salad! Scallops in a macaroon... whoda thunk!! Anyways, this plate was so delectable and everything looked like fine art, I almost felt bad eating them.. Well not too bad! My friend had the partridge which I muscled in on, and tasted absolutely amazing as well! After that our waitress brought out a fresh fruit granita to neutralize our palettes. Delicious and rerfreshing! For my entree, it was a decidingly tough call between the caribou trilogy and wild game. I ended up going with the caribou which was served as a roasted rack with grand veneur sauce and acorn squash gratin; pan-fried loin with roasted red beet and garlic & parsley sauce; and caribou sausage with yukon gold purée. It was outstanding, though I wish I had the opportunity to sample the seared pheasant, elk steak and red deer medallion with cheese macaroni that was on the wild game menu. I guess I'll just have to plan a second trip this summer! My friend had the Quebec lamb, which I didn't try but looked equally amazing. Both meals were fantastic! For dessert, we shared a chestnut crème brulée and roasted figs, blanc-manger with chestnut cream and fig spread and a pear tartlet with chestnut cream. Three for three onace again! An incredible meal experience, splendid atmosphere and top notch service; Recommended all around!

              Unfortunately, all good things must end... and so did our week of indulgence yesterday afternoon. We woke up late and ordered room service: (subpar) pina coladas and fresh fruit bowls with cream. And after packing up our bags and one last walk through the old city, we headed to the Vieux Port one last time for our last lunch at L'Echaudé. It was the perfect end to our trip... started with a gooey luscious cheesy pain brioche and a salad with smoked meat. Next I had some sort of farm fed roasted chicken with chipotle pepper sauce, wild mushrooms and scalloped potatoes, and my friend had the guineafowl parmentier with sweet potato and roasted breast. For desert, two crème caramels and espressos. A terrific lunch... though I can't believe I left the city without even ordering a single steak-frites! More reason to return again...

              In summary: an incredible orgy of gastronomic and culinary pleasure! The entire trip centered around our meals and I can't remember the last time I've ever eaten so well! It certainly wasn't modertaely priced at roughly $100-120 per dinner, but worth every penny and if I had any cash leftover, I'd be back on the road for one more meal in this beautiful city! The Old Quebec in general is a seductive and charming storybook like town that's unlike anywhere else this side of the Atlantic. I was a bit weary that it might be a larger version of touristy Old Montreal, but it was nothing of the sort. I imagine it'd be even nicer to visit around the holiday time, so maybe that's what I'll aim for next year.

              Restaurant ratings:

              Le Saint Amour: 900,000,000,000,000,000 out of 10*
              Le Panache: 10 out of 10*
              Le Patriarche: 10 out of 10*
              L'Echaude: 10 out of 10*
              Le Lapin Saute: 10 out of 10*

              We didn't do too bad!

              PS - one bit of advice for anyone planning a first trip and considering visiting the Hotel de Glace just outside of the city... save your time and your money! What a piece of shit this place is, I can'tg beliebe it's gotten so much exposure in travel magazines, brochures and TV. It's a dirty little snow fort in an ugly muddy parking lot with shitty disco music blasting out while carvings of Red Bull logos and North Face billboard adverts adorn the gaudy neon ice walls and tour guides take unkowing suckers like us to the cleaners by leading them through a bunch of boring "rooms" that are all exactly the same. I can't beliebe anyone would actually spend a night in this place. It's surrounded by plastic outhouses like they have on construction sites and their "spa" area is in fact three aboveground jacuzzis like you'd find in backyards in Brossard. This place was the worst and I wish we'd spend the extra coupld of hours we'd spent finding it, in Quebec City instead. We ditched plans to visit J.A. Moison epicerie for this regrettably. Oh well... next time!!

              Thamks again for all the help in planning!

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                Thanks for the great post-we've just started planning a trip in the fall and you've given me a lot of great ideas. One question-how far out did you make reservations at the places you went to? Thanks again.

                1. re: David W

                  No problem!

                  We made all reservations about 5-7 days in advance, but honestly, the city was almost completely dead as March Break in Quebec had just wrapped up the week before (the Winter Carnival as well) and the streets were completely empty and barren at night. I preferred this as it made our meals seem much more intimate since the unique old-world setting of each of these restaurants felt like we were dining privately with 3 or 4 other families. It was great! I don't think there was ever more than 4 or 5 tables (max!) in each of the dinner restaurants we had booked, so we probably could have just walked in off the street and gotten a table. Things are sure to pick up in the next couple of weeks as the city was preparing for some kind of Red Bull Crushed Ice Competition that seemed to be a big deal (they were building a giant ice ramps through the old city for downhill racers to skate through) but if you're planning for fall, you should have no problem. It's recommended to try and book at least 4-5 days in advance because these restaurants (Saint-Amour, Panache, Patriarche) are considered the best in the city and while I can't imagine them being overcrowded, high end travellers will surely have these places on their foodie itineraries. Our caleche driver told us that Paul McCartney had favored Le Saint-Amour when he was in town last summer, so I guess that tells you something... it's definitely not one to miss! If and when I go back, I would hope that Le Pain Beni is finnished renovations as I would've really loved to have ate brunch there. I'd probably also make it a point to visit a few of the other restos outside of the old city walls, like Café du Clocher Penché for brunch as well, and maybe the creperie that's been recommended on this board in the past. But for a first-time visit, you surely can't go wrong with the above listed places... and personally, spending your entire trip within the old city (especially if it's a romantic vacation with sig. other) gives one a feeling like they're truly in another part of the world which is nice, since it's only a two hour drive from our city! It really is a unique storybook town and I'm glad we never strayed too far from the fortified walls, it made the whole trip seem more memorable and special which is what we wanted - an escape from the big city, and we sure got it! I woke up this morning to fry some eggs and toast and was dreaming about the meals we had on this trip. I hope your exeperience is as wonderful as ours was!

                2. re: OliverB

                  OliverB: My wife and I are also in the midst of planning a trip to Quebec City for our first anniversary (we posted about it on this board). I just have one simple question: Do you speak French? If so, do you think a non-French-speaking couple could have a similar experience as you? Based on your review we may just have to dine at Le Saint Amour for our official anniversary dinner!

                  Thanks for the fantastically detailed trip report. It hasn't been easy finding first-hand knowledge like this. Thank you!

                  1. re: sixteenbiticon

                    I do speak French, though I'm not at all fluent... but it shouldn't be a problem for you at all as almost all of the restaurants offered an English language menu (I think L'Echaude was the only exception) and all of our waiters were bilingual and very helpful in explaining the menu options in great detail. In fact, my friend who I was with does not speak a word of French and while I'm usually very self conscious about my lack of fluency, being in these surroundings with her somehow made my spoken language much stronger and while she was always very politely attended to in english, I was always given the French menus and had to peak over to her as the plates were a bit too elaborate and sophisticated for my basic language comprehension. Though many of the other tables were US tourists and I would not say that it seemed to have compromised anyone's enjoyment whatsoever. The service was exceptional all around (I'd commented several times throughout our trip on just how impressed I was regardless of the class of dining - brunch, dinner, etc), whether served in French or English! You're sure to have a great time!

                    1. re: OliverB

                      Hi phyero and OliverB - just wanted to say thanks for the very detailed review (and information)! I will be travelling solo to montreal/quebec city in the 3rd wk of April and am currently planning for the trip (where food's the main theme) - and since je ne parle pas français, the information above will be really useful! seems i should definitely try to plan for:

                      Le Lapin Sautee (lunch)
                      Le Saint Amour (dinner)
                      L'Echaude (lunch)
                      Le Patriarche (dinner)

                      and if time permits, Le Pain Beni and Clocher Penche...

                      would any of the restaurants above frown upon a solo diner?

                      thanks again!!

                      Le Saint Amour
                      48 Rue Sainte Ursule Vieux, Quebec, QC G1R, CA

                      1. re: comamos

                        I know this is late but, for future solo diners,, I did not get as much as attention as the other diners got- couples, groups.
                        I took a city guide book with me to browse while waiting, that helped. My waiter only stopped to get my order and at the check out. I had to flag him down to ask for my doggie bag.

                        1. re: anil781

                          htats disappointing - where was this? what restauants did you go to and how was the food?

                          1. re: jen kalb

                            I did go to Le Saint Amour, last night. Food was excellent ! I ordered the inspiration menu. Great experience if you do not count the service. I was very tempted to leave a poor tip but, could not do it.
                            I am not sure if I can go to a good restaurant for dinner after that. I did eat at a small lebanese place , hot sandwich type of food near the hotel tonight. It was good.

                            Le Saint Amour
                            48 Rue Sainte Ursule Vieux, Quebec, QC G1R, CA

                  2. re: OliverB


                    Sounds like you had such a fantastic trip! Thank you for sharing. My husband and I will be in Quebec only 2 nights and I was hoping you might suggest which restaurants we should visit. We prefer cozy dining experiences and try to avoid trendy food. We won't have a car, but I assume taxis are readily avaliable??? Thanks for your help!

                    1. re: kaconway

                      Just tell us where you are staying and we will help you out!

                      1. re: kaconway

                        I live in Quebec City so I can help you if you tell us were you will be staying.

                        1. re: potap

                          I am on my way to Quebec city as of this moment. I will stay near old city , best western. I will not have a car. would you help me with best breakfast, best lunch etc french cousine ideas ? I would very much appreciate it.
                          Thank you !!!!!

                          1. re: anil781

                            I don't know if it's too late...

                            The Best Western is in St-Roch so you should try Les Bossus on St-Joseph E. Inexpensive quality french food. They also serve lunch on week days that are even cheaper! Don't know about your budget but Cafe du Clocher Penche, also on St-Joseph E, is a must in Quebec City but a little more expensive. Their brunch is also delicious. There is also Le Grain de Riz, a good BYOB on St-Anselme. They serve fusion food. It is a little expensive but you save lots of money on beer/wine. The place is really small so call at least the day before. In the Upper Town, there is Le Hobbit (french bistro) and Chez Victor (burgers). You can also grab a breakfast or lunch at Buffet de l'Antiquaire on St-Paul if you like traditional Quebec food. Cafe du Monde, Lapin Saute and Cafe Sirocco are other great places.

                            Les Bossus
                            620 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec, QC G1K3B9, CA

                            1. re: potap

                              Thanks a million !!!!
                              I am here until saturday morning so, this is very helpful.
                              I am working on the map now, thanks again .

                              1. re: anil781

                                Should really try in Upper Town, I once was solo and the service was terrific and food is so good try it and give us a report!

                                1. re: phyero

                                  I shal be back tomorrow night with my report, but, seriously, thank you for all the suggestions.Helps a lot when you cannot tell one sign from another.

                              2. re: potap

                                I had breakfast at Buffet de l'Antiquaire this morning. I sat at the side walk, had my omelet with cheese and perfectly brewed cup of coffee. From what I could understand, there were quite a few locals eating there. One down side, she brought me a package of sanka when I asked for decaff and I opted for the regular coffee. Price was very reasonable and felt like a homemade breakfast, thank you !!
                                I wanted to visit the Parliment building so, after the tour I had lunch there. I had scallops in mushroom and white wine sauce with mashed potatos around the rim, under a perfect layer of cheese crust. Desert was Creme Brulee with Arabica beans & fresh berries on the side. Soup and coffee included, came to 30$, I thought it was very reasonable.
                                I am going to try Les Bossus for dinner tonight. Tomorrow is a trip to where chocolate museum is. Any suggestions for fresh crossant &cheese sampling ?
                                Thank you again, it was great help.

                                Les Bossus
                                620 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Quebec, QC G1K3B9, CA

                                1. re: anil781

                                  Pain et Passion on St-Vallier E is a nice bakery and it is near your hotel but I'm not sure if they sell croissant. Croissant at Le Panetier Baluchon on St-Jean are pretty good. There is also two bakeries on St-Joseph E between Dorchester and Caron (Croquembouche and La Boite a Pain). Never tried but it might be good! I should stop by soon...

                                  1. re: anil781

                                    For cheese, you should go to Marche du Vieux Port or at Epicerie Europeenne on St-Jean. My go to place for cheese is at Aux Petits Delices on Cartier. L'Artisan Et Son Pays on St-Joseph E as great cheeses from all around the province.

                                    1. re: potap

                                      noted, I will stop there - Epicerie, if not, will make a stop on the way back at @L'a Artisan Et Son Pays. I am planning to spend most of the morning/ afternoon at St-Jean si, I will go to the bakeries there for my fix of croissants. I did go to La Boite a Pain, it was in the evening, around 6.30 pm, and my croissant was not fresh. A was a little disappointed with that one. Have not tried the other one. I would have been lost if you & phyero did not guide, thank you to both as well as previous detailed posts about fine dining tips.

                                    2. re: potap

                                      I just wrote a half page reply about Les Bousses and lost it refreshed the page by accident.
                                      In summary, I live in US and may be because of that but, i never had an onion soup that flavorful, I inhaled it. ( Not good for people on low sodium diet by the way) I opted for portages flavored chicken. It was a fresh, good size piece, not dry, not undercooked, just right. Salad Greens were fresh too, not your wilted salad, I think it was spring mix ? french fries, I managed to stop before eating it all, for weight reasons but, they were decent. If I was staying a few more days, I would have another lunch , may be salad variety. I entered in saying " do you have a menu in english" and bartender and waiter both jumped in with yes. Service was friendly and food arrived fast. I did people watching as I picked a table next to side walk. Dinner on tuesday night was out of this world but, service took so much out of the pleasure. So, a smiling face, an extra check to make sure everything is OK and a food related suggestion, explanation goes a long way. I am very optimistic about Pain Beni, I will give you details when I get back , for sure.
                                      Tomorrows agenda croissants, chocolatte and more french food. Fitting for a Quebec visit I guess.. It also explains why my pants a little tighter today but, I am having my food, I will not find this back home. Even the shawurma sandwich was better than the places in Boston- I liked AL Bacha on ST Joseph st.

                                      1. re: phyero

                                        How could I forget to suggest Paillard?!?!?!

                                  2. re: potap

                                    We will be coming to QC on 9/25 can you suggest seafood restaurants there and up the coast as well?

                              3. Definitly...le Grafiti...for brunch or dinner...soooo good!

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                                1. re: mangeons.ca

                                  So, am I hearing, we are going to have a hard time getting lobster?

                                2. Just got back from spending Easter there. Had an AWESOME brunch at Le Cafe du Clocher Penche which also has a super dinner menu. Worth it but call ahead for reservations. The omelette with confit de canard and wild mushrooms was excellent and came with a lovely arugula salad with lardons(real bacon bits). Their complementary homemade yogurt starter with granola came as a surprise and was packed with fresh berries. They make a big effort to only use Quebec products which is nice too!

                                  1. I know I am too late but for anyone who'll read for advice : Le Poisson d'Avril is a must for any fish/seafood lover. It is absolutely amazing!

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                                    1. re: mgenois

                                      I went there for lunch but, I think they are not open until dinner. Place was closed.

                                      1. re: anil781

                                        Really?! I'm suprised, they used to be opened for lunch, they even offered a Menu du jour... Hope you'll have a chance to give it a try for dinner then, pricey but soooo worth it!!

                                        1. re: mgenois

                                          I peeked thru the window and did not see anybody. I wonder if I went to the back ??
                                          I was passing with the buss today and I saw the restaurant had an entrance on the main street, accross from water. I did go to an entrance on a small street. Might have been me.. I will look up online to make sure. Thank you,

                                    2. OliverB, I cannot thank you enough for your reporting back (in such great detail) on your dining experiences AND the other things you did while in Quebec. My bfriend and I also live in NYC & will be spending 4 nights in Quebec in late April. (Your questioning if going for Italian in Quebec when we live in NYC was exactly what he'd said & made us laugh.) Seeing what great experiences you had at our top 2 restaurant choices (Le Saint Amour & Panache) made me so happy I'd booked our tables there just a few days ago! Our trip's goals sound exactly like yours, so I suspect we'll be enjoying most of the spots your enjoyed. Can't wait!!

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                                      1. re: Aguardiente

                                        My pleasure, Aguardiente!

                                        Hope you both enjoy it as much as we did... I'm sure you'll love both your dinner ressies; I want to go back!!

                                      2. Just tell us where you are staying and we will help you out!

                                        1. Will be staying at Hotel Champlain in the Upper Town on the long weekend. Considering Saint-Amour, Initiale, Laurie Raphael, and Anciens Canadiens for a 3 night visit.
                                          Can only do one big splurge - and want a memorable experience of local ingredients and dishes. Is Saint-Amour the only way to go?

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                                          1. re: Food Tourist

                                            Funny how years later, both hubby and I still consider our dinner at L-R as the finest we`ve ever had...anywhere. Simply sublime!

                                          2. Where is the best tourtiere in old Quebec City if Anciens Canadiens is so unpopular among 'hounds? Or is it just the price in the evenings that turns people off Les Anciens? I know July is not the season for meat pie, cretons, and other traditional heavy rich foods but would love to try it...what IS specific to QC and in season in a couple of weeks?

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                                            1. re: Food Tourist

                                              maybe they still have the bargain early-bird dinner.? My family, which likes to sample the traditional Quebecois food, likes this traditional place (its been a few years since we have been but it hardly could have changed that much) If you want your sugar pie, tourtiere, blood sausage, etc its not a bad place to get it.

                                              Its sort of like wanting to visit Durgin Park in Boston - but infinitely more civilized

                                              Wondering if there are any local views on Auberge Baker?

                                              1. re: phyero

                                                I wasn't going to post again on this thread since I hate thread hijackers, but it looks like this thread has gone the route of general QC dining discussion so I will throw my question out to phyero or anyone else with experience in QC dining.

                                                We will be spending 3 nights in QC and I cannot decide between 4 restaurants for dinner. Well, to be more specific I've locked down Le Pain Beni as one so really I'm having trouble deciding on 2 restaurants out of the 3 for the other two nights.

                                                So, to summarize I'm looking for suggestions for 2 out of these 3:

                                                Le Moine Echanson
                                                Le Lapin Saute
                                                Cafe du Clocher Penche

                                                Thank you!

                                                1. re: sixteenbiticon

                                                  Lapin Sauté and Cafe du Clocher Penché...would be my choice

                                                  1. re: sixteenbiticon

                                                    Nothing wrong with "hijacking" a thread...it's a captive audience (people who have already posted on it, plus lurkers who might respond) and you can get more specifics on places already mentioned, from people whose opinion seems to be trustworthy. Starting a new thread to ask the same old questions over and over seems more irresponsible!

                                                    Now if only someone could direct me to the best place for a great espresso or cafe au lait (latte) in or near the old city, I'd be complete.

                                                    1. re: Food Tourist

                                                      Paillard and le Palet d'or on St-John street nice atmosphere and good coffee and sinful pastries!

                                                      1. re: phyero

                                                        We are arriving in Quebec City Oct 12 in the morning and leaving Oct 15. We are staying at the Hilton with/out an auto.

                                                        We are definitely going to Le Pain Beni for one of our dinners (veal checks for DH). We have two more dinners to plan. I am thinking of another high end (Laurie Raphael or Toast?) and a bistro, suggestions?

                                                        Some great breakfast and lunch options maybe a nice wine bar as as well. This is our first trip but we will be back again. Read your profile and I think we share the same approach to food.....Thanks

                                              2. Wow! I've been looking for threads to help with planning a trip to Quebec City. This has been so helpful. Thanks for all the detailed restaurant reviews!

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                                                1. re: mountaincachers

                                                  OK, I am now making dinner reservations for our trip which is in July. I imagine the city will be crowded as the music festival will be going on. Should I be making reservations for lunch too, or will we (group of 3) be able to get in without them?