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Mar 3, 2010 05:14 PM

Quebec City next week!

I will be in QC from Monday to Friday with a friend next week (staying at the Frontenac) and I haven't been in about 15 years so I'm real excited! I've done my research, browsed the archived Chowhound threads and here's what I've got lined up for meals so far, reservations already placed:

*** Dinners:

Monday - Le Saint Amour
Tuesday - Panache
Wednesday - Le Patriarche
Thursday - Le Cremaillere

*** Breakfasts & Lunches:

Pain Béni
J.A. Moisan
Le Cafe De La Terrasse (Chateau Frontenac)

Just wondering if there's anything else I'm missing that I absolutely shouldn't, and if this sounds like a good meal itinerary for a first visit to the city after so many years?

Also, since I'll be planning specific activities and prebooking reservations for things like after-dinner caleche ride and so on, I'm just wondering how much time I should set aside for each of the dinners at the finer restaurants like Saint Amour, Panache, Patriarche, etc? Is dinner and drinks a full 2 hour affair with only two people?


PS - feel fre to lay any advice, suggestions or otherwise on me!

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  1. Also, apart from the Frontenac bar, are there any other "classic" bars in the city that serve good cocktails? How's Cafe Artefact at the Saint-Antoine- worth a visit? Also, does anyone know if visitors can make use of their ultra cool screening room to watch some classic movies at night w/o being an actual guest of the hotel?

    1. Wondering whether you considered Laurie-Raphael? Its been a number of years but we found it excellent.

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        Hi Jen,

        I have it down on my list as an alternative (along with Toast which seems a bit too trendy for my taste) but the problem is that we only have so many nights. From what I've seen and read, it sounds excellent and I'd like to give it a try. If only I had one more night!

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          Same with us, we loved it. Almost as good as A la Table de Serge Bruyere in its heyday. I'd love to go back.

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          1. I would recommend the new 3S on st pierre street. New late bistro from Toast. Stay away from Italian in QC I am sorry to say... but no...

            For best coffee right now, NEKTAR is one up anyone, almost best of all of the province IMO. They also serve a mean filter coffee.

            Brunch at Clocher Penche is nice.

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            1. I visit Quebec city often and always make a stop at the Chocomusee Erico. It's a nice walk from where you're staying and is a must! There's also an SAQ and small grocerie store on that block if you need anything else during your stay. Have fun!

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                This helped me, I did go see the museum and picked up a few chocolates. Thank you !