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Mar 3, 2010 05:13 PM

Humana options?

I am coming to town in a couple weeks for Humana & my group of 9 is looking for a few new options...we typically go full-out and have way too much great food & drink to match the intensity of seeing 4 plays in 3 days. This year we want dine differently b/c we've been overdoing it the past few years.

What do you think of Toast on Market for breakfast/brunch? An option for a take-out dinner spread is Safier Mediterranean Deli. Your thoughts about these and other hidden local treats?

To get a sense of who we are, here are notes from our over-the-top meals the last few years:

-Proof...While a bit too loud for dinner (we like to visit a lot) we go there now for drinks & dessert after a night play...superior hand-made margaritas. I'll be dinking there again this year, and checking out the art next door.
-The steak place next to the Galt House-it was good but they opened a can of -Guiness and left it the time it got to the table it lost all the good carbon diox that is necessary to make the pour I sent it back...but the food was quite good so they redeemed themselves. I would go there again, but not before the other places on this list.
-The super expensive steak joint that brings around whole potatos/broccoli/raw meat for you to choose. Ok, that's a gimic and while a bit odd, I can't argue w/ showing off good product. I found them priced based on reputation & serving size more than value. I would split a steak 2 or even 3 ways next time. One of my group had a ton of special requests and they did everything she asked for, with flying colors.
-621 Magnolia. This was billed as the highest-end place in town, but it should've been billed as the most expensive place around! Not all of our group was there (I was not there)...but their feedback was comical. Wine pours were skimpy and the food was tiny to match. This has become a running joke for our group. "Biggest dissapointment in restaurants, that I can remember, period. What a joke," as one group member said today.
-We've done the Galt House brunch (overpriced but good).
-Had Easter brunch at the Seelbach one year...seeing Rick Patino at the raw bar was the main highlight, but the private dining room was nice too.
-Intermezzo is in the L'ville Actor's Theater and they are good for the food, drink and for managing your time for just tell them what your next show is and they will make sure you're out the door in time to sit down for the show. Even if I were not going to a show, I'd go there...great value and very frienly staff. We're going back this year.
-Savoring the best for last, Vincenzo's. This is the only place we go to each and every year. They cater to special requests and the food is stellar. I have noticed that the menu doesn't change much, but I only eat there once a year so that's ok for us. Their table-side preparation also draws your attention to the skills of the staff...the service is amazingly friendly in addition to being talented and obviously well trained.

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  1. Toast is a great choice for breakfast/brunch. Wild Eggs is my personal favorite in town, but you'll be closer to Toast, presumably.

    732 Social and Limestone would be my recs. Or Seviche! Have you done the Irish Rover or Molly Malone's or BBC? The Rover is in my top five favorite restaurants... well, ever, because they do just one thing and they do it well. I know it's not particularly swanky apres-theatre stuff, but it's just darn good.

    1. You might like Come Back Inn on Swan Street--great local place!

      Cafe Classico (Frankfort Avenue) has recently expanded, and the food is stellar.

      Baxter Station (Payne Street) is a nice, local, low-key spot.

      August Moon, L & N Wine Bar, North End Cafe, The Coach Lamp, White Oak, Maido, Bourbons Bistro, and basa are all in the outer-downtown area, and Brownings recently reopened at the baseball stadium. Over in downtown New Albany, the New Albanian has their Bank Street Brewhouse.

      Joe Davolos is a lunch spot on Barret Avenue that everyone loves.

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        North End Cafe is good for breakfast, too.

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          Come Back Inn is super fun. It's like stepping back in time to the kind of Italian places I imagine cities had in the 60s. Really good food.

          Oh lord yes, Maido. I could eat there twice a week and never get tired of it.

        2. Based on all of the places that you've enjoyed up to this point, I would recommend Jack Fry's (Bardstown Rd.) and 732 Social (Nulu). Both are fantastic and constantly packed. Also, Basa in Crescent Hill has excellent food, too.