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Mar 3, 2010 04:56 PM

Motorino recommendations--First time

Going tomorrow with a party of four. Any must try's besides the Margherita?

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  1. Don't miss the soppressata piccante. It's amazing.

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    1. They sometimes have heirloom tomatoes in balsamic as a special, they're definitely worth getting. I agree about the soppressata piccante.

      1. I am in the minority that finds their more standard pies a bit bland and underwhelming; however the sopressata picante pie is excellent and the brussel sprouts and pancetta is outstanding.

        1. i think the marinara is the best way to experience the brialliance of the crust - its just crust, sauce, shaved garlic and fresh oregano. every time i order it the server says "you know it doesnt have cheese on it" and i have to assure them i am ok with it.

          the white "special" with prosciutto (i use quotes because its been a consistently available special each of the last three times ive been over the last month and a half) is really good - i preferred it to the brussel sprout pizza which i thought was overwhelmed by pancetta and could have used more sprouts.

          the antipasti are really really good - the roasted red peppers w/ mozzarella, and beet salad are both well balanced and delicious. the scamorza bruschetta/crostini is alittle redundant, imo, if youre already eating bready cheesy pizza as your main.

          nb: these are all based on my experiences at the EV location, im not sure how much the menus match up but i gather they are generally pretty similar.

          1. i like the margarita and brussel sprouts with pancetta