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Mar 3, 2010 04:55 PM

Eleven Madison Park Lunch Dishes

I am going to Eleven Madison Park soon for lunch. I probably want to go for their three course. Any suggestions on which dishes I should try out?
How about their cocktails?

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  1. My favorites are the crab linguine and the cochon de lait or lamb (they rotate that entree). If you're going with other people, the chicken is a must-try. But seriously, it's hard to go wrong with anything on that menu.

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    1. re: fooder

      I was maybe thinking getting 2-3 courses with the $15 supplement for the bone marrow crusted tenderloin. Seems like a better deal than the Gourmand?

      Does the whole table have to get the Gourmand if you want it?

      1. re: dar482

        Yes, the whole table has to do the Gourmand. It's really very good and special.

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          If your whole table is willing to do the Gourmand, I agree with gutsofsteel that you should go for it. We have done many of them, and they are always sensational!

          Photos of our most recent lunch Gourmand can be viewed here:

          If you go the 2 or 3 courses route, the bone marrow crusted tenderloin is a superb choice. And it's accompanied by an insanely delicious side: potato cream with braised oxtails.

          Photo of the beef here:

          and the potato cream here:

          As has been noted, no matter what you end up choosing, you are in for a treat!